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Take Help from These Ideas for a Stunning 20-year Class Reunion

20-Year Class Reunion Ideas
In this article, you will find some interesting 20-year class reunion ideas, which will help you in planning, right from forming a committee to sending out invitations to conducting games, and finally, some nostalgic party favors.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
Happy mature friends joining their hands in unity outdoors
A class reunion is the perfect way to bring back memories of the good old days when most of us were carefree and perhaps, even a little crazy. They are also an opportunity to get in touch with our long-lost friends with whom we virtually grew up, and faced many of the life's realities together for the first time. If you are in charge of such a function, let me tell you, it's not an easy task, especially if you are planning the event after twenty years of passing out of school. Locating all your classmates after so many years can be quite a project. In addition to that, sending out party invitations, arranging for the decor, planning party games, etc., all take a lot of time and effort. So, if you have taken this uphill task upon yourself, below are some 20-year class reunion ideas to help you out.
The best way to plan and conduct such events is to form a committee with few of your ex-classmates. Next, make everyone in charge of a particular job. For example, one of you will be handling invitations, another one will take care of the decorations, another one will hire a good photographer, etc. The first task that your committee will have to undertake is to locate your classmates. For this, you can get in touch with the alumni center of your school or hire the services of a website. Once you have the contact details, you can move on to the other things.
The invitations should be sent out at least a month before to ensure maximum attendance. To make the invitations appealing, add an old school photograph to it in which all of you are together. You can include some prom photographs or any other memorable events photographs so that people feel like coming to the event to relive those moments. Another option is to send out musical cards. Record your school's anthem and add it to the invitation so that when the invitees open the card, the anthem starts playing, giving them a feeling of nostalgia, compelling them to attend the event.
One of the most interesting options is to have a theme party. And, if you thinking of an exciting theme, which will be fun at the same time make you travel back in time, then "retro" is the best option. When planning around the retro theme, do not forget to mention the dress code on the invitations. Arrange for a good D.J., complete with disco lights, disco balls, and a dance floor. When all of you show up in your shining bell bottoms, capris, large sunglasses, and disco suits, it will be more fun than you can ever imagine.
If you have not hired an event planner, keep the decorations to the minimal. For decorating, you can include some of the things from your graduation year, such as the cheer leaders' uniforms, graduation caps, school banner, sports team uniform, etc. If you are decorating according to a theme, then make as much use of your school colors as possible in the decor. You can even decorate the venue by pasting some blown-up photographs from your school yearbook on the walls.
Activities and Games
Games should be planned in such a way that each of your ex-classmates gets to participate in them. Give each of the invitees a blank paper on which they can write anything that they left unsaid during the school years such as a secret childhood crush or a thank you or an apology. When they are done writing, give everyone time to read their notes aloud to others. Some other games that you can include are "truth or dare", "musical chairs", "dumb charades", and "spin the bottle". Remember not to include too many activities and games so that people get enough time to catch up and socialize. At the same time, make sure that there are enough interesting things to do so that nobody feels bored.
I hope these ideas will come handy when you are planning and conducting the event. One last tip, is to send a few photographs of the party to each of your ex-classmates to keep the memories alive forever. Best of luck!