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Are You a Party Girl? - Quiz

How many parties do you attend in a month? Do you shop for every party? Would you rather read a book at home or party all night long? Are you truly the life of a party? Take the quiz in this Buzzle article and find out whether you are a true party girl!
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
You know you're a party girl, if you have your hand filled with entry stamps on a Sunday morning!
Each person likes to go a little crazy every once in a while. It is okay to drop those inhibitions, take a leap into a state of madness, to be the life of a party, and have a few unforgettable memories. But are you one of those who wants a wild party every Saturday night? Do you usually wake up with a hangover on a Sunday morning?

A typical party girl is one who wants to have absolute fun, and she can have fun in the simplest of ways at any party. She can enjoy an evening out with her office colleagues, as well as with her girlfriends. But she also knows how to balance her total fun side with her hardworking nature. She is confident of carrying herself well at every party, and can always dress appropriately for every occasion. If you are wondering what is your party quotient, then take the quiz, and find out for yourself.
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1. On a Monday morning, you have at least a dozen updates about the last weekend on your social networking page.
  • Most of the photographs and posts have you in them.
  • Some of the updates mention you.
  • You have no notifications, and you quietly get back to your work.

2. When you woke up on Sunday morning...
  • You had no idea how you landed up where you woke up.
  • You have a vague recollection of the night before.
  • You vividly remember every detail of the night, as you were the designated driver.

3. When you get a party invite, you...
  • Start thinking of the clothes you have, and work on your next party look.
  • You try to figure out how to finish your work before you get to the party.
  • You really don't want to party, because the previous party was a terrible experience.

4. You would best describe a party as...
  • A wild night where the party goes on till the sun comes up.
  • A quiet house-party with the best of your friends and some light music.
  • A quiet night at home, where you curl up with a book and munchies on the couch.

5. How often do you run into people you know, at parties?
  • Always
  • Sometimes
  • Never

6. The perfect attire for a party is...
  • Something absolutely dressy and sexy.
  • A cute top and your comfortable pair of jeans.
  • You would just pick out something from the cupboard.

7. On a weekday, if you are invited to a party, you would...
  • Be easily convinced to take a night out, if your friends tried to convince you.
  • Make a cameo at the party, and be back home by bedtime.
  • Simply not answer their calls, and avoid all the hassle.

8. If it is a girls' night out, you would suggest going to...
  • A nightclub and dance the night away.
  • A movie and dinner.
  • A quiet time at home with the girls, to catch up with events of the week.

9. You usually end up drinking...
  • More than you should.
  • Moderately, just to get a little buzz.
  • You do not drink.

10. Your favorite day is!
  • Saturday, so that you can party all night long.
  • New Year's Eve, because you believe in welcoming the New Year with a big bash!
  • Your birthday, as that is the only day in the year when you party.

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Being a party girl is about loving to party. It is about coming alive to the sound of rapturous music in company of those who you love. And the best part about being a party girl is, attending those crazy after parties!