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Cool Bachelor Party Games to Make You Live Life to the Fullest

Bachelor Party Games
The last night, when only a few precious moments of bachelorhood remain, they deserve a grand celebration. Read on to know some incredible bachelor party games for a night long of high spirits!
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
It's your friend's last night of bachelorhood before he enters a new phase of his life filled, with extra responsibilities and duties. This is indeed a reason why, you've got to give him a great farewell party. A bachelor party has to be planned well, so that it can be executed even better. The most important part of such a party are the bachelor party games. These games are the life of a party, which make up for the crucial fodder for incredible memories.
A bachelor party cannot be started without intoxicated souls. After all, it's the only way the groom-to-be can lose all his inhibitions and follow his intuitions. Drinking games are the way to begin games for a bachelor party. 'Name It', is a great game to start with. Place a pot at the center and make all the participants contribute a bit of alcohol to the pot from their glasses. The groom starts, by naming a famous personality. The next, person names a celebrity, with the last letter of the previously said name. Say, the first name is 'David Beckham', the next has to begin with 'm'. The one who misses, has to drink the pot and start over. The person has to keep drinking till he comes up with a name. Wonder what names crop up after high levels of intoxication!
A grand game of poker with real money to bet, is a night long of conniving fun! This way you can have the classic stripper idea at the party too. A variation can be made with lap dancers. With choices galore, poker definitely qualifies in the list. The exotic performances for the 'last rites' of bachelorhood, are sly and can lead to some steamy secrets, contrary to the next day's wedding vows. So what's going to be Mr. Groom's strategy to hold himself clean?
Movie Night
If you've been scandalized by the aforementioned ideas, don't worry. Clean bachelor parties and games do exist. This idea is not a game, but just a plain idea. A guys night-in to watch some of the guy-favorites. Matrix (trilogy), Hangover, The Bachelor Party, and just make your call to order some pizza, nachos, and store huge amounts of movie snacks for a night of virtual entertainment. If this gets boring, grab your keys, and hit the road to hop clubs for the last time.
It just takes a bit of romantic trivia to make a bachelor party game. List down some trivia of his bride-to-be such as: 'what's her favorite color?', 'what's her favorite song?', and so on. These are basically questions that never matter. With one wrong answer, the husband-to-be has to down a glass of beer. To get the others hammered, pass on the questions about the bride to the guests. You can frame questions such as, 'what is her favorite cuisine?', 'which is her favorite movie?' and so on. Get the total trivial things to make these questions difficult to answer, as getting all them sloshed is the aim.
Don't get yourself stuck in the rut of party decorations and party invitations. Disposing them is another problem and you can pretty much invite everyone on the phone. Just make sure you have the right plan, enough supplies, and an inexhaustible verve for a party!
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