Fun Bachelorette Party Games to Play and Have a Ball at Your Home

Bachelorette Party Games to Play at Home
There are plenty of bachelorette party games that do not require you to spend a fortune. They're equally fun and the best part is that they can be played at home without having to worry about attracting unwanted attention. Check them out in this article.
PartyJoys Staff
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
A bachelorette party is that one night when the soon to-be-bride can go crazy and do anything she wants to do, before she ties the knot. It's that one night when she gets all dressed up and her friends take turns in ridiculing, embarrassing, and annoying her (all in a very friendly and sometimes outrageous manner). She forgets all her inhibitions and enjoys her last delirious night as a spinster. While many women prefer to have bachelorette parties out at bars or other places, a bachelorette party at home is more convenient (after all the drinking) and you're more relaxed about everything else too. This PartyJoys article has some of the best bachelorette party games that you can play at home. Try them out!
Fun Bachelorette Party Games that You can Play at Home
The game ideas mentioned below will help you girls have a long and fun filled night, amidst all the booze and all the crazy dancing. They're simple to understand and even simpler to play. So you can rest assured that you'll have a wonderful time pulling the poor bride-to-be's leg. Enjoy!
I've Never...
This one's a truly fun game for a night with the girls at a friend's bachelorette party. Have everyone write down 5 obnoxious but believable things that they think no one could have possibly done on separate pieces of paper. The list should begin with the words "I've never...". After everyone's done, the papers can be folded and put into a glass bowl. Everyone has to sit in a circle with one hand held up, fingers apart denoting the number 5. Now, one by one, pass the bowl around, and have everyone read out the "I've never"s from the chits, one by one. When a girl has done one of the things mentioned in the list, she closes one finger to denote she has. The girl who closes all five fingers first wins, but not before she explicitly describes each of the situations.
Drink to the Groom
If it's a drinking game you're looking for, then here's one. Everyone knows that a bachelorette party is supposed to be one of the last wild nights of the bride-to-be before her wedding. And on this day, make sure that her groom-to-be is nowhere to be seen or even heard of. Keep a lot of heavy alcohol on the ready. Every time someone mentions the name of the groom-to-be, everyone must be given a round of shots and they must drink them bottoms up! Let's see how long the bride-to-be can stay without taking her sweetheart's name.
How Well Do You Know Him
Here's a game that will show exactly how much the bride-to-be knows and loves the groom-to-be. Prior to the party, have a couple of friends secretly visit the groom-to-be and ask him a lot of questions about his childhood, growing up, his family, the relationship with his bride-to-be, etc. At the party, go overboard with the drama. Prepare a presentation of all the questions and have the bachelorette answer all the questions. Give her a shot of tequila for every correct answer. By the end, everyone will know how well she knows her husband to be.
Alphabet Trail
Pick a particular topic and have one person say a name of something related to that topic, followed by the next person continuing by using the last letter of the first word. For instance, if you choose the topic 'hot male actors', and suppose the first girl says Matt Damon, the next girl has to say the name of a 'hot male actor' with the letter 'N'. You can even time each girl's response time and disqualify anyone who takes more than 5 seconds to answer.
No bachelorette party is complete without some humorous and ridiculous games to play at the bride-to-be's or the groom-to-be's expense. Though we haven't ventured into that area, we've given you some simple games that you'll enjoy nonetheless. So, have a great party and wish the lucky couple a happy married life!