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Bachelorette Party Ideas for Under 21

Mukta Gaikwad Apr 17, 2019
It's her last night with you. Make it the most special one. Here are a few bachelorette party ideas for under 21, so that you don't miss out on the thrill and excitement.
It's the last time she'll be celebrating celibacy and the last night she'll live her single status. Sounds kinda heavy to digest, but not when it's a bachelorette party. So you want to go out, have fun, have a drink or two and make the most out of the night.
But what when you have under 21 year old bridesmaid with you? Don't worry, there's lots you can do to make the girls night out or girls night in, worth of every moment spent together. Who said you have to go bar-hopping, have a male stripper and get wasted to have fun?

Party Theme

A party without a theme is meaningless. First things first, decide a theme. 'Night Out', 'Disco Inferno', 'Poker Girls', 'Karaoke', 'Wilder Nights', or 'Drive Right' are some themes at your disposal.
Of course, you can go out, but you can't be drinking. So get the sisterhood act together and get these themes home! Get started and turn the place upside down to have a bachelorette party!

Decking Up the Venue

Once you have decided on the theme, it's time to get the party started. Rent a place, use your farm house or surprise the bride at a friend's place. The place has to be a private one. Decorate the venue according to the theme to make a night to remember.


A party is no fun without party games. 'Name the Drink', 'Lasting Impressions', 'Decorate in Parts', 'Bachelorette Bingo', or 'Truth or Dare' are some of games the women have got to play.

Bride Trip

Take a trip down the memory lane with the bride-to-be. Go and see all the places where you've spent the best of the times with the bride. Take pictures when you get there, because it will probably be the last time that you will be together.
Another idea is to take a road trip to the next city. Spend a night in a hotel. Go shopping the next day and drive back. When will you do that the next time with girls again anyway?

Think Out the Box

Why not camp outdoors in your backyard, the garden, or even the terrace? A night with bug bites, burnt food, and conversations under starry nights, would be a thrilling experience. Fix your tents, light up a fire and roast your meals. Spend the night playing bridal games or indulging in girly gossip.
Bachelorette parties can have the traditional tone if done indoors. It has to carefully planned and executed with perfection. Surely, you girls know how to make the party fun for the bride to be! Let your hair down and party as hard as you can and preserve the memories to cherish the priceless moments spent just before your best friend's wedding!