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Balloon Centerpiece Ideas That'll Make Your Heart Explode With Joy

Balloon Centerpiece Ideas
Whether it's a formal or an informal event, balloon centerpieces brighten the mood and make the atmosphere very jovial. There are many incredibly creative ideas that revolve around balloon centerpieces.
PartyJoys Staff
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2018
Beautiful colorful balloons
The thing about balloons is they have this uncanny ability to make everything brighter and better. Whether it's a party, a wedding or even an intimate dinner, balloons are always welcome.
Balloon Tiger Art
With balloons, there's hardly a need for any other element of decoration. You can just use them as centerpieces and your venue is ready for a party! Here are some ideas you'll love!
For a Birthday Party
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Table Set for A Party
Table full of balloons: Mark out the center of the table with a tall cardboard ring and stuff balloons of different colors and sizes instead of sticking the balloons with string or sticks. Paint the cardboard in a neutral color to match the balloons.
Colorful Birthday Decor
Balloon tree with chocolates: For this idea, tie up your balloons together in a bunch using strong string. Tie a slab of chocolate to each string that you use. Keep this in the center of the table. Because of the weight of the chocolates, the balloons won't float around. Plus, each guest can take a double-sided party favor home!
For a Casual Party
Balloon Flower Bouquet
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Tub of balloons: Get a medium-sized tub. Blow up water balloons in two colors that go with the décor of the venue. Simply fill the tub with the balloons and place it at the center of the table.
Different colored balloon animals lined up
Something popular: Check out local party decorators for balloons in shapes of things that are popular, like say, a popular game, movie, fictional character, etc. Have one or a bunch of these blown up and stuck in the center of the table.
For a Baby Shower
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Little girl playing with pink balloons
According to the gender: If you know the gender of the baby, then you can use the color that corresponds to the gender. For a girl, have a bunch of white and baby pink balloons tied together and stuck in a plate/tray.
For a boy, you can have a combination of white and baby blue. If the gender hasn't been revealed, you can use yellow and white balloons.
Balloon Shape Animal Collection
Theme based: If it's a boy you're expecting, you can have a different superhero balloon stuck at the center of each table. If it's a girl, go with the most popular choice: princess or fairy-shaped balloons at the center of each table.
For a Wedding
Wedding Table
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For the couple: Floating balloons above the table will be something that will fascinate your guests. Use transparent string to tie a couple of balloons together and stick them at the center of the table to give them a 'floating' effect. Mylar balloons with the names of the bride and groom printed on them will look great for this idea.
Balloons Arch 4
Balloon arch replica: Balloon archways are a great addition to any wedding décor. How about using miniature versions of these archways on each table? Instead of using air balloons, use water balloons, stick them together in the shape of an arch, and place them in trays on all the tables.
For an Intimate Meal
Red heart-shaped balloon
Must try these too
Balloons in a tin: Bake a bundt cake (the one with the hole in the center). Blow up small heart-shaped balloons and paste them with sticks in some playing clay. Put this in a small tin and place it at the center of the cake.
Balloon with a message: Have the words 'I love you' printed on one side of the balloon. Blow it up and stick ribbons beginning from the body and flowing downwards. Gather the ribbons together and stick them on a tray or plate with the message facing your partner.
Using balloons as centerpieces is one of the easiest ways to add a festive flavor to the décor of your event. So pick balloons instead of something more elaborate and save time and money!