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Exuberantly Elegant and Frugal Balloon Centerpieces for Tables

Balloon Centerpieces for Tables
The left over balloons after a birthday party are of little use. Find out how to make the most of them with these centerpiece ideas for your next party.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Customized centerpieces add a personal touch to the festivities, especially for guests who may not know you as closely as your friends and family do. Helium balloons that come in lovely colors, adorn the tables and make the mood as jubilant as ever. Balloon centerpieces can be used for wedding parties, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, baby showers, Christmas celebrations, and even at office parties. The best part about balloon centerpieces is that they are cheap and extremely easy to make. Additionally, you don't really have to worry about how do dispose them when the party is over. Just prick them and the job will be done.
Balloon Bouquet
This balloon centerpiece for tables involves a simple combination of pearly colored balloons. A balloon bouquet centerpiece is perfect for a wedding and anniversary parties. To make this one, you will need 11" high balloons. Pick colors like baby pink, pearly white, shimmering blue, and light lavender. Get some matching curling ribbon, helium, and a balloon sizer. Fill up the balloons with helium and tie them up tightly at the end to prevent the air from escaping. Use a balloon sizer to inflate or deflate balloons to whatever size you like. Tie each balloon separately with a ribbon. Now hold the balloons at uneven heights and tie them together. Swipe the sharp edge of a scissor along the ribbons, so that they curl and your balloon bouquet will be ready.
Shooting Stars
Each one of us makes a wish at a fleeting sight of a shooting star. Well, that's what they say, a shooting star will make your wish come true. This is why making a shooting star balloon centerpiece for 16th birthday party is a brilliant idea. This centerpiece is symbolic of an age where teens start dreaming of a career, academics, and life. To make this centerpiece, you will need star shaped balloons. Pick shimmering shades of blue, silver, and white. Fill up these balloons with helium and tie them up tightly at the end. Hold them at uneven heights so that they look like a cluster. Tie them up with a shiny pearly white ribbon and them hang free just like the tail of a comet or a trail of shooting stars.
Marshmallow Treats
Marshmallow treats are ideal balloon centerpieces for baby showers. To make this, pick balloons in shades of baby pink, pearl white, and baby blue. Inflate them with helium and tie them up in pairs with a pearl white ribbon. Attach a marshmallow treat to its end and place this centerpiece on a table at the entrance to welcome the guests with a sweet treat!
Balloon Arrangement
This centerpiece idea is similar to flower arrangement you make. Inflate small balloons with helium and tie them to a bowl. Make a decorative arrangement of flowers in the bowl. You can look up some Ikebana style of flower arrangements or use some dried painted flowers for contemporary designs.
Balloon Sky
This is not exactly a centerpiece, but something fun that you can do with balloon. Fill up a hundred balloons (pick any color) with helium. Write a hundred ways to say 'I love you' on them and let them float in the room. Make the sumptuous meal and arrange it well on a table underneath the floating balloons. Switch off the lights, so that your effort is well hidden. Switch on the lights just when he walks in and watch his million dollar expression!
While making balloon centerpieces, make sure you fill them up with helium, so that they stand or float. Balloon centerpieces look very pretty if you pick light colors. Dark colors can make it look gaudy to the eye and a stark contrast to the rest of the set up.
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