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Heat Up Your Beach Party With These Supercool Decoration Ideas

Beach Party Decorations
Beach party decorations are a great way to jazz up your themed beach parties whether you want it indoors or outdoors. Read on to know more about how you can spice up your beach party using these readily available, fun beach decorations.
PartyJoys Staff
Last Updated: Aug 14, 2018
Welcome to the sun, sand and surf! A beach party is the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long, overworked week. So instead of spending your afternoons grumbling about the sweltering heat, throw a beach party at your house and enjoy the ultimate dose of fun and frolic.
Friends Sitting Around Campfire
Believe me, the ambiance complete with the golden sand and the blue sea are enough to get you into the party groove! If, however, you are planning a bonfire, then the dazzling moon, the silver sand, and the beautiful sea provide you with extremely beautiful natural ambiance.
Beach In Italy
While this may hold true for all those people with the beach right outside their doors, what about all the others who are nowhere near a tropical paradise? Well, the good news is that a beach party need not be planned at the beach itself.
All you need for hosting your summertime soirée is to add a bit of imagination and some beach party decorations to your backyard or porch to make it come alive for your guests and get them in the party mood.
Most of the decorations for beach parties are easily available in any of the party supplies stores, just walk down the aisles and choose the jazziest decorations available. Make sure to match it to the beach party theme decoration that you choose. Whether you choose a rave beach party or a Hawaiian luau, you can alter your decorations to go with the theme.
Beach Party Decorations Guide
Lyme Regis Beach
Since beach parties are to be held in open spaces such as a patio or garden, you can find some funky pieces of furniture or beach benches. Add the tropical fringe to the party by building a temporary hut at the venue and decorating it with natural flowers.
If you would rather have the party indoors, then decorate the walls with colored paper. You can make cutouts of an ocean scene complete with seaweeds, sharks and fish and stick them on the walls using a duct tape.
Wedding reception on the beach
Decorating the table can be an added fun. Use a tablecloth with a beach theme with colorful plates, cups, and other plastic-ware. Along with the loads of themed tableware, you can also decorate the table by placing sand, seashells, and plastic sea animals in the middle of the table.
You can add green and brown tropical palm leaf thatch by cutting strips of green and brown paper and attaching it to the edges of the table and chairs.
If it's a beach party, you gotta have some water. Set up the beach party near a pool or arrange for a kiddies pool. Throw in some inflatable beach balls and watch your guests go wild in the water.
beach icon set
No beach party is complete without the trademark inflatable palm trees and pink flamingos. You can add a couple of stuffed animals like inflatable monkeys on the trees.
Sorrento Italy Beach
Add other beach gear like beach balls, inflatable beach toys, snorkel gear, beach umbrellas, and lounge chairs to complete the look.
Fill in small plastic buckets with inexpensive play sunglasses, shovel, small bottle of suntan lotion, or some colorful seashell candies and place them near the trees.
Beautiful Outdoor Cocktail Bar
If you are selecting the Hawaiian beach theme, then you can use flower garlands as party decorations and give the guests Hawaiian leis to wear.
A beach garland made of flip flops, clear plastic bottles with notes inside, sand dollars, and children's sunglasses can be hung in the doorways or along the walls. A great item to use for an outdoor beach party are tiki torches which, when lit up, lend a great ambiance to the place.
So what are you waiting for? Go crazy with your beach party decoration ideas and throw in some beach games to add to the fun. Most importantly, ENJOY the party!