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Want to Buy a Beer Pong Table? Know All About its Available Sizes

Beer Pong Table Size
Having an idea of the size of a beer pong table will help you play the game better. It's an extremely popular game, and as such, the demand for these tables too is rising.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
beer pong
For those who don't know what beer pong is, allow me to explain. Also known as Beirut, in this game, players throw a ball used for ping pong, across a beer pong table. The objective is to land the ball in a cup of beer or water at the other end. It is played between two teams, which can have players ranging from two to four. There are multiple cups which are set on two sides of the table in a triangular formation. The number of cups is either 6 or 10, typically.
Table Dimensions
Beer pong tables are available in several sizes, and the whole strategy is based on that. So here goes!
Professional Beer Pong Table
The official length of a beer pong table is 8 feet. Sometimes, it may be 7.5 feet. Normally, these tables are folded into four parts, and the folded table almost resembles a briefcase. When it opens, the width and the height is 2 feet and 29 inches respectively. Again, the height too may vary an inch here and there, as per the manufacturer. This is the average size of a beer pong table. When closed, resembling a briefcase, these tables measure 2 feet in height and length, and have a width of 5.5 inches.
Portable Beer Pong Table
These are the best tables to play on, as you can carry them around. These too, look akin to a briefcase. When you open it, the length of the table is 7 feet, with a width of 2 feet. It has a little bit more height than the professional table, that is 31 inches. When you fold and close it, the table turns into a 42-inch long box, with a width of 3 inches and a height of 2 feet.
Normally, the tables which are two-feet wide are preferred, so that more cups can be set up and it does not get cluttered. The table dimensions can sometimes be almost the same as those of a ping pong table. In fact, many a time, a ping pong table itself is used for playing beer pong. Perhaps, that is why this game might be called beer pong!
Manufacturing companies too may come up with their own size variations. In that case, the measurements of the table may vary slightly, but not by much. Many people go in for the portable version, because it is compact, and carrying it around is not much of a hassle.