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Cool Tips for Playing a Sporty Round of Beer Pong

Tips for Playing Beer Pong
Thirsty for some tips on beer pong? This article will quench your 'sporty' thirst. Have a look...
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
beer pong, Playing friends
It's a friends night out, and everything is set―the food, the music, and the party favors. The scene is looking just perfect―with the addition of the beer pong table. Ah! You cannot have a nice enjoyable party without beer pong, right?
Beer Pong, Pregame Shots
All that is left is to just make sure that all is set properly, for the party mood to set in smoothly. Oh wait! Have you forgotten something? How about some tricks for playing beer pong?
Pre-game Shots
By shots, here, I mean drinking prior to the game. First and foremost, even though it is beer pong, it is a good idea not to get drunk before the game. If you want to be at your best while playing, you don't want to be in a condition where you are sloshed, right?
The Hangover
Well, here I am not alluding to the beer hangover the day after. What I am alluding to is one of the shooting tips. The hang which I have used is in connection with the ball. Putting enough arc on the ball so that you do not shoot too low is very important. Avoid shooting straight for it. If the ball gets even a slight arc, it will make it to the cups next to the one which you have aimed.
Rack it Again
When you get a chance to re-rack, do it in a very intelligent way. What you can do is, you can have either a diamond and 1, or just a diamond formation. Avoid arranging in a straight line, as you will need more skill and concentration if you have had a couple of drinks.
On the Defensive
Amongst all the tips, perhaps you will find this one the most vital. Regarding defense, you will always have to be on your toes. When the other team shoots, stay alert and be ready to swat a bounce away. However, when you swat the opponent's ball, be careful so as not to knock your glasses over.
Water or Something Else?
Yes, we know the name of the game is beer pong, but to avoid the hangover the next day and to play well, what you can do is to have water in the cups, rather than beer. In fact, interestingly, when beer pong is played professionally, they use pure aqua!
What is the Redemption
In beer pong, redemption refers to what is received by the losing team when the last cup is made through by the winning team. What the losing team gets is that, it can try and tie up and let the game go in a 3-cup overtime.
Here are some quick tips:
  • Coordinate rapid fire shots, where the team defending has to get rid of a cup when a ball lands in it.
  • Using the bounce shot sparingly and with discretion is vital.
  • Aim and throw for the cup which is at the center.
  • For starters, just aim at a single cup.
  • Avoid taking rollbacks lightly.
Last and the most important tip, is to put your mind in the game, but at the same time, never ever forget to have fun. That is what you are playing for after all, right? Cheers!