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How to Host a Beer-tasting Party

How to Host the Most Memorable and Exciting Beer-tasting Party Ever

Are you planning to host a beer-tasting party, and wish to know how to go about it? Know all about exploring the taste of different beers, and the food that goes with them in this PartyJoys article.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
"A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it's better to be thoroughly sure." ― Czech Proverb
We all party to escape from the monotony of our everyday routine. However, don't you think that partying too, may become monotonous at times? Brew some flavors into the way you host a get together with beer tasting. Assembling your near and dear ones to taste some of the great-tasting beers would infuse the environment with a meaningful delight. While the guests feel authoritative, you, as a host, would feel elated with the kind of praises that are likely to come your way, if everything goes well. The following sections will take you through the essentials for making this gathering, a true success.
Throwing a Perfect Party: Invitations, Food, and Mood
The requirements are pretty much the same as every other party, but yes, this party, is not every other party. You see, as a host you need to make sure that everything included in the venue should help the guests sink into the mood. You could try different themes. How about an Irish or Scottish theme? Include the colors―Red, green, yellow, white; perhaps add figurines or fancy posters of some dwarfs with huge beer mugs. Be as creative as possible to set out the ambiance.
When it comes to the number of invitations in such parties, the lesser the better! Usually, 4 to 8 guests are perfectly manageable, unless you want to do it on a larger scale. Make sure that you have 3 ounces of each beer for each guest. Arrange about 6 to 12 different kinds and do keep one extra bottle for each type, just in case your guests feel like having more of it, especially, after the tasting and the judging is over.
Drinks and food are the main necessities of a good and memorable party. When it comes to the food, you must choose your menu carefully depending upon the beer varieties selected. Drinks with strong flavor and aroma go well with strong-tasting foods, but this rule does not apply to all beers. The list below would help you get an idea.
  • With strong-flavored beers, which are bitter in taste and malty, barbecued meat or roasted beef works best. The meat also goes well with porter, ales, or even pale ales.
  • Mexican or Southwest food, such as the burrito, goes well with Chinese beer or even Mexican gold beer.
  • Dry beers, such as the brown ale, are a perfect match with pizzas! They have a more delicate flavor that perfectly complements this food item.
  • For Belgian Trappist dark ales, scotch ale, and the like, include a sweet dessert on the menu, which complements the taste of the drink.
  • Fruit-flavored beers, such as the Belgian fruit limbic, go very well with some complementing fruit desserts. They enhance the flavor of the drink.
  • When it comes to delicate light beers, such as the wheat beer, there can be no better combination than a nice helping of fresh fish.
Unlike wine tasting, wherein only a little sip is enough to pass judgment, beer needs to be gulped in larger quantities. This is so because the taste buds located at the back of the tongue, play an important part in exploring its true flavors. Therefore, make sure that you use wide goblets for serving, and fill at least ⅓ of it. Another important point that you should keep in mind, is to make sure that the glasses are properly clean. Even a slight residue of dishwashing soap can ruin the flavor of the beer. Start with the lighter flavors first, and then move on to the heavier ones. Don't forget to rinse the glasses while you serve different beers, so that the taste of one, does not mix up with the other. Make the guests drink a lot of water to clear out the taste of the previous drink(s).
Beer-tasting parties can be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to the scoring. Print out score sheets for each guest, wherein they can mark each type of beer they taste. To add to it, you can also arrange a folder containing the menu of the drinks to be served, for each guest. You can also keep the poured brand a secret. This would not only make your party interesting, but also avoid people from forming a preconceived notion for their personal favorites. If you have some more interesting ideas to add to this party theme, please feel free to post a comment for the same. Have fun.
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