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Here's How to Host a Perfectly Phenomenal Black and White Party

How to Host a Black and White Party
Planning to have a party and are confused about the theme? How about having a black and white party? Interested? Continue reading for complete details, right from the party decorations to the party favors.
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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Throwing a black and white party can be fun, and when the party turns out as planned, everyone enjoys to the maximum. Party themes make the party more interesting for the host to throw and for guests to attend. There are plenty of black and white party ideas to choose from. Given below are some of them.
What is a Black and White Party?
It is a party where everything is either black or white. The invitations, the decorations, the food (yes, it is), the dress code and the party favors too. The entire party theme is black and white. You can have this kind of a party to celebrate your bachelorette party or birthday party. Your party will become elegant and a major hit with the black and white party theme.
Party Wear
You are expected to wear complete black or complete white or black and white, both. For elegance, you could also try silver with black. It will make you look different and yet a part of the party. If you are the hosts, then be sure to wear your black dress with some silver jewelry. It will make you look perfect. You can also add some silver hair streaks in your hair. Needless to say, your shoes and handbags should complement your dress perfectly. If it is your party, insist that all the guests should wear dresses in black and/or white and that there will be no entry if they wear any other color.
The party should have black and white invitations. How? For starters, try using a bold font in white color on a black paper or vice versa. The font could be curvy as curvy font gives a nostalgic look to the invites. You can make small satin bows in white to tie up your party invitations. If you feel like spending more, you can become poetic and add some verses on your invitations. Mention the theme on the invitation, though I am sure the guests will recognize the theme the minute they set their eyes on the invitations.
There are plenty of decoration options for such a party. You can get all your party supplies in black and white colors. You can use some white satin sheets or black satin sheets or alternate between black and white satin sheets as drapes. Alternatively, you can use shimmering black curtains and the rest of the decor could remain white. Get some black blankets and throw them on your couch and use them as rugs. Black and white balloons and crepe paper decorations can also be used. If you feel like splurging, use a black satin or velvet tablecloth with a silver or delicate white lace. This will add elegance and charm to the decorations. Alternatively, go for black and white checkered tablecloth. Flowers and candles in black and white can be clubbed to form table centerpieces. You can hang some paper lanterns made from black and white paper. They also look great with white light bulbs in them.
Party Food
Worried about what food to serve at such a party? Here are some party food ideas. Dark and white chocolates, chips with white or black dips, caviar, and white crackers can be used as hors d'oeuvre. The main course can be recipes made from potatoes, rice, marshmallows, shelled hard-boiled eggs, pasta in white sauce, white fish, white toasts, etc. The dessert can be a vanilla cake, dark chocolate cake, cup cakes, white cheeses, coconut puddings, etc. White wine, vodka, black coffee, chocolate shakes, milk, black soda can all serve as the ideal drinks to be served in the party. Alternatively, restaurants do provide catering services, you can ask for one and tell them your party theme for the appropriate party food. Serve all the food in black and white plates with silverware.
Party Favors
As party favors, you can give a white flower, like rose, lily, etc. to the ladies. For the men, there are shot glasses. Candles also make the ideal party favors. You also have the option of getting some party favors custom-made for your party, like favor kits with black or white boxes, picture frames, chocolate tins, glasses, bags, salt and pepper shakers; the list is long. You can hire a photographer to click the photos of your guests and send them these photos after they are developed.
You can introduce some party games with black and white color codes for different teams. You can create your own party ideas too. All the above aspects, when covered thoroughly, will make your black and white party an event to remember.
Black And White Party Favors
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