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7 Easy Budget-friendly Tips to Plan a Lavish Rooftop Party

Budget-friendly Tips to Plan a Rooftop Party
Whether it's a holiday party or a get-together with friends, a rooftop party is a pleasant change of scene. And to make your party a success, PartyJoys has compiled a few budget-friendly tips to plan a rooftop party.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Party Decorations!
If you happen to host parties frequently, invest once in décor. Plus, purchase items during a sale to lower your expenses further.
A 'night on the town' with friends may not always be feasible. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise on having an amazing time while entertaining your friends. There are many budget-friendly, yet wonderful tips to host an unforgettable party.
Planning a Rooftop Party on a Budget
A rooftop party sounds fancy enough. So, it's alright not to go overboard with any of the elements of the party. Other than that, these guidelines will help you seal the deal.
Sending eco-friendly invitations and saving at the same time
email on digital tablet
Invitations to the guests should include the "who", "where", "when", "what", and "how" for your party. Although most people prefer a signed and sealed card, sending invites via smartphone or email is an efficient method. There are many websites that let you send free invitations. All you have to do is select a design and color scheme, include all the details, and push 'send'. And, you can keep a close watch of guests' RSVP responses.
What time does your party start?
Friends enjoying barbeque
We all agree that an evening party has its own charm. Along with the stars and moon, you decorate the rooftop with gorgeous lights to create an unforgettable ambiance. However, it can certainly take a huge bite out of your utilities bill. So, we suggest you host your party during the daytime. A daytime rooftop party has its own merits. If the sun is too bright, place the table under the shade and make it an intimate gathering.
Take help from the guests
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Everyone loves to party, and if you ask, a few of them may even be interested in helping you out. A fun way to keep costs down is by hosting a potluck buffet party. You can ask your guests to bring one of their favorite dishes, pitch in for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, or get desserts. Now, if you want to host an evening party, ask your guests to loan you their Christmas lights for the night. Or, if they can get some paper lanterns, you can hang them from the ceiling to give the party a festive feel.
The décor can be simple, yet refined
Rooftop Bar
There are so many inexpensive decorations that can easily add some flair to your event. Choose from balloons, twinkling lights, Tiki torches, bunting, ribbons, and tissue paper pom-poms. Another cool way to add life to the party is to light charcoal in terracotta pots that are lined with aluminum foil. You're not only providing a fantastic décor, but also just made a mini S'mores station.
Keep costs low even when dinner's from your side
Rooftop barbeque
If you're not too thrilled about asking your guests to get their own food and/or drinks, there are other ways to save and still 'wow' everyone. Host an all-appetizers party where you can serve amazing finger foods, salads, and soups. Or, do a BBQ where everyone can bring at least one of the elements like the meats, veggies, exotic sauces, charcoal, or even a few extra portable BBQ grills.

As for drinks, instead of buying individual beverages, make an alcoholic/non-alcoholic punch for everyone. And finally for dessert, how about some S'mores? Again, you can have your guests pitch in for the ingredients.
Entertain in style, without spending a dime
Do you or any of your friends know how to play an instrument? If yes, then you can cross off the entertainment costs from your list. Ask your guests to bring their instruments (of course, excluding a piano, cello, or something that big) to the party. Create a campfire-style ambiance, and sing songs and dance with everyone.
But, singing songs isn't the only entertainment for the night
Playing game friends
A great way to break the ice among guests and have them mingle with one another is by playing fun games. Bring out your old board games for an inexpensive way to entertain guests.
Even if you take advantage of the tips mentioned above, make sure you set a budget before putting the plan in motion. Every element of your party is essential, and you don't want to overspend in order to impress the guests. Be creative about how you approach this party (and basically follow the guidelines), and you'll be spending more time focusing on the party, rather than the expenses.