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Delightful Carnival Party Ideas

Rujuta Borkar Oct 14, 2018
A carnival party is always a guarantee to have loads of fun and games. In keeping with that emotion then, here are some great carnival party ideas.
There's nothing quite like a carnival party to usher in the good times and fun. With so much happening―foot-stomping music, energetic and vigorous dancing, blood pumping beats, high spirits―a carnival party is brought in with style.
So if you want to join the bandwagon and throw a great carnival party, what is it that you'll need? Some rocking carnival party ideas, of course. And that is exactly what is mentioned here. So for all those looking to throw some great parties, raise your glasses, and let's give you some ideas for that.

Ideas for Kids

There's something special about carnival parties. There's never a dull moment there and that's why kids go bonkers over them. Here are some ideas that you can use.

Convert the Yard

Check the space at your disposal. This can only work if your backyard can take all the activity. Make sure to do a thorough check of the backyard from the child safety point of view. Now get to work.
Carnival themed party ideas are easy to come by if you think about a local fair. Try and recreate that magic in your backyard.

Put in Stalls

A carnival party can never be complete without stalls. Get the help of some neighbors and design make makeshift stalls with colorful blankets and quilts. Make sure that they are strong by hanging them over trees or tent poles.

Carnival Food

Nothing fancy here. When the kids are re-living a fair playing all those games at the stalls, there really won't be any time to sit and have elaborate menus.
So save your culinary skills for another day and serve easy finger foods like hot dogs, burgers, cotton candy, ice fruits, cakes, popcorn, slush, and soft drinks.

Carnival Games

Carnival party games is the main attraction for kids at a carnival party. Include fun party games and see the fun roll.
Here are some of the carnival game ideas that you can look into:
  • Fill a jar with jelly beans and make the kids guess the number. The correct guess, wins.
  • Arrange several small items over a blanket and provide rings. Kids win the items they throw the rings over and trap the item in.
  • Clown tricks and puppet shows.
  • Face Painting.

Ideas for Adults

Carnival-themed party ideas need not be limited to only kids. Use these carnival-themed ideas for adults and watch the fun unroll. This is a great way to celebrate your birthday or completely transform a regular party to something that is much more out there and fun.


Decorations need to be a little loud and very, very bright. Think carnival colors everywhere―green, purple, golden. Wall decors, cloth pieces. Whatever you can think of, needs to be there.


Think pure and original Latin American music with fast beats and additive tunes. Something that will get you to dance. Nothing dull will work here, so don't even try.


Flamboyant costumes are a must. You can ask your guests to wear them or you could hire professional dancers for entertainment and they could don the costume.

Food and Drinks

Think the soul of Brazil. Have foods that are native to the place like Empada, Esfirras or Coxinha. Have Brigadeiro for dessert, and caipirinha for drinks (it's a local drink made by distilling sugarcane).
Carnival party ideas help you to really have a blast with your event. So when you think of the next occasion for fun―a carnival party is the way to go.