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Up the Excitement With These Incredible Charades Ideas for Adults

Charades Ideas for Adults
Charades is a very popular game among all ages and people. If you need ideas for forming clues for the different categories, then reading through the following article will help you with exactly that.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
Kids playing charades outdoors
Who does not know what a fun game charades is? Who has not played it at one point or the other and enjoyed it like crazy? The best part about the game, of course, is that it just does not stop being fun, no matter what age you are. What with the excitement and tension piling on more and more as you try to furiously get the word across? And, have you noticed the amount of fun you have when there is that moment of sheer exasperation when the tagged person cannot act out the word properly and tries all these antics and weird expressions? Fun, isn't it? All in all, a really great game that can set the mood for a great evening of fun. If you need some clues and ideas to include as a part of the game, here are some that you can use.
Funny Charades Ideas
Nothing, nothing is more fun than trying to get a funny word out and having people guess it. In fact, you can go right ahead and try it as an ice breaker activity. Given below are some ideas that range over several mediums. No dearth of choice here.
Television Sitcoms
Television Sitcoms
There are so many funny sitcoms out there that you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to adopting ideas for charades. Here are some that you can use.

~ Dharma & Greg ~ F.R.I.E.N.D.S
~ I Dream of Jeannie ~ Scrubs
~ Married with Children ~ The Office
~ Veronica's Closet ~ Full House
~ Home Improvement ~ Small Wonder
~ That '70s Show ~ Charles in Charge
~ Different Strokes ~ Family Matters
~ The Bill Cosby Show ~ Modern Family
~ King of Queens ~ The Jeffersons
~ The Big Bang Theory ~ Seinfeld
~ Grounded for Life ~ The Simpsons
~ Malcolm in the Middle ~ Bewitched
~ Gilmore Girls ~ The Wonder Years
~ Happy Days ~ Modern Family
~ I Love Lucy ~ South Park
~ Three's Company ~ Cheers
~ Curb your Enthusiasm ~ Frasier
~ Just Shoot Me ~ Blackadder
A very obvious choice, but just as fun! Don't you agree? Try enacting any of these movies and see the fun that ensues.

~ The Hangover ~ Borat
~ Scary Movie ~ The Holiday
~ Bridget Jones' Diary ~ Shrek
~ Wedding Crashers ~ Ace Ventura
~ Austin Powers ~ Bruce Almighty
~ Chicken Little ~ She's the Man
~ Norbit ~ Death at a Funeral
~ Kung Fu Panda ~ Yes Man
~ Dumb and Dumber ~ The Ugly Truth
~ Meet the Spartans ~ Office Space
~ Ghostbusters ~ The Pink Panther
~ The Birdcage ~ Father of the Bride
~ In the Loop ~ My Cousin Vinny
~ Sister Act ~ The Court Jester
~ The Nutty Professor ~ Mean Girls
~ To Be or Not to Be ~ Bruno
~ Bedazzled ~ My Little Chickadee
~ Zoolander ~ Good Neighbor Sam
General Charades Ideas
Have you ever thought of books, characters and songs as a choice for charades? Though not a common choice to make, they lend for a lot of entertainment.
~ Lolita ~ Charlotte's Web
~ The Catcher in the Rye
~ The Casual Vacancy
~ The Thorn Birds
~ Angels and Demons
~ To Kill a Mockingbird
~ The Hunger Games
~ The Lord of the Rings
~ One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
~ And Then There Were None
~ Fifty Shades of Grey
~ Baby Got Back ~ Love Me Do
~ Losing My Religion ~ Toxic
~ Get the Party Started
~ Born This Way
~ Single Ladies
~ Gangnam Style
~ I Got You Babe
~ Unchained Melody
~ Maggie May
~ Turn Off the Light
~ Captain America ~ Shrek
~ Barney Stinson ~ Princess Leia
~ Elmo ~ Fonzie
~ Homer Simpson ~ The Grinch
~ Bugs Bunny ~ Aladdin
~ Pink Panther ~ Betty Boop
To make the game more interesting, make an assorted list from movies, songs, books and sitcoms and then mix them up. The fun is when the audience will never be able to guess what to expect and every new choice will have them put on their thinking caps and invent better ways to get the message out. All the better for you and the fun that ensues. Go on then, give them a party they won't ever forget.