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Cocktail Party Ideas

Cocktail Party Ideas

If you are planning for a cocktail party at your place and are stuck at ideas for making the party a hit, then this article would help by providing some ideas for the same.
Girija Shinde
Cocktail parties are fun and a must in summers. After all, what can be more great than a cool cocktail party in the scorching heat. Besides the drinks, there are many other things that need to be taken into account while hosting the same, that includes everything right from the invitations to the favors. These include the number of guests attending it, the venue, if it is a formal or an informal one, etc. Here are some ideas that might prove useful to make the occasion a hit.

Invitations are the most important part of any occasion. They not only convey the time and date but also tell a lot more than that. That is, they give an idea of what the party is actually going to be. If the host is excited about the occasion, his/her words in the invitation will say or express it. So, make your guests get the feel of the party atmosphere right through the same. Another thing that has to be mentioned is the dress code. Cocktail dresses have a lot of importance in the party world, so if you are having a themed one, mention the dress code or even if you expect your guests to wear a proper cocktail party dress, you can give them hints such as no jeans and T-shirts please, etc. Also, try and include a couple of illustrations like a cocktail glass or a line like, 'let's get tipsy' etc., however, only in the case of informal ones. For formal parties have the classic format of time, date, venue, RSVP, and dress code if any.

It is easier to make arrangements if it is based on a specific theme. You can have luau cocktail party, retro cocktail party, or may be a social interaction cocktail party. For the luau theme, change the location into a Hawaiian beach. Have the room decorated with flowers, palm trees, and small drums. Ask the guests to dress in Hawaiian shirts and dresses. For the retro theme, the costume is more important. You could decorate the room in those typical disco lights and have the 1970s music played throughout the occasion. You can even have a classic cocktail party. Make lots of space available in your home so that people can move about. Decorate the house with lava lamps and other dim lights. Have bean bags or small sofas in the corner where people can sit and relax and have a private time. Do not have any loud decorations and to give a classy look, you can also have elegant floral arrangements around the room. Have lounge music played, as it is perfect for the occasion.

Nothing is more important than food and drinks for any occasion. And as this is a drinks special one, so, the drinks have to be of the best quality and unique. You obviously need food to accompany the drinks, so it also needs to be tasty. Here are some appetizers ideas:
  • Crab Dip
  • Caviar
  • Sushi
  • Barbecued Chicken
  • Spicy Almonds
Have wine, beer, martini, bloody Mary, pina colada, long island ice tea, etc. These are some of the most popular drinks for such occasions. Book a bartender to make and serve the drinks. This way, the guests will get to experience the real taste of the drinks and not the homemade one. Do have different kinds of glasses for different drinks, like highball glass for cocktails and a little small glasses for fruit punch.

Cocktail shakers, wine glass candles, party napkins, etc., are some good favors for this occasion. You can also add your own creativity to the aforementioned ideas and have an awesome time.
Bartender serve the drinks
Set with different drinks
Sushi Food
Crab Dip