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Kick-ass Games to Loosen Up and Have a Blast at the College Party

College Party Games
College party games are a great way to kick start a party and get your guests to mingle. This PartyJoys article provides some suggestions to plan such games for college parties.
Marian K
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
While there are those who scoff at party games, there are many others who think they are great fun. College party games help people mingle, loosen up, and have a blast. If you've never tried having games during a party, start with one of the games mentioned below, and see how your guests respond. Be prepared for some amount of groaning, but once they get into the thick of it, you will have the other ones joining too! Here are some fun party games for college guys and girls that will surely make great stories to reiterate.
Best College Party Games
Tail Snatch
You need a fairly large area, such as a spacious lawn for this game to be a success. This simple game requires that you divide everyone into two groups. Now, each group has to elect a head and a tail. The person who is the head stands first, and everyone lines up behind him/her with the person who is the tail standing last. Each person has to hold the person in front of them by either placing their hands on the person's shoulders or around the waist. Now, the organizer takes a handkerchief and tucks a corner of it into the waistband of the pants of the person standing last. He/she does the same with the other group. The objective of the game is for the leader of each group to try to snatch off the 'tail' of the other group. Beware, this can get rough and tumble!
As the organizer, you need to select two items such as a Rubik's cube or a tennis ball. The items need to be non breakable and the kind that are unlikely to injure a person. Here too, you need a fairly large area such as a spacious lawn for this game to be a success. First, split everyone into two groups, and ensure that each group has an equal number of boys and girls. Now, provide each group with one item, which is their 'treasure'. The rules are simple; each group has to get the treasure of the other group using any means possible. However, let them know that you can declare a foul if they are too rough. Set a time limit.
Do You Love Me
This is a good indoor game that can be played in a limited amount of space. Start by getting everyone to sit in a big circle and ask one person to come and stand in the center. There should be no extra chairs in the circle. The person in the center can ask anyone of the circle, "(name), do you love me?". If the questioned person replies with a yes, he/she is asked "why?". Now the answer has to be along these lines: "because your eyes are blue", "because you are wearing a skirt", or "because you are over 6 feet tall". Whatever the reason for 'love', all those to whom it applies need to get up and exchange seats. For example, all those with blue eyes will need to sit in a different chair. The person posing the question must also try to sit in a chair during the exchange. If the answer is 'no', then everyone gets up and finds another place to sit.
A word of caution, in my experience, even while playing games, the guys tend to get fairly competitive and can be pretty rough. If you don't want any of your guests leaving with black eyes or their arms in slings, be prepared to disqualify those who get rough. Have Fun!