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Awesome Creative Ideas To Plan Class Reunions

Kashmira Lad Oct 13, 2018
A class reunion is a great idea to catch up with old friends, and have a fun time together. Here are some creative ideas for the same.
Who can forget the fun-filled schooldays? They hold some of the best memories in most people's lives. This was where you made friends for life, fought with batchmates, played pranks, laughed over silly jokes, and cried when the mark sheets showed a grade D.
Sadly, as times passes, you lose touch with your friends, due to several unavoidable issues.
Reunions are thus the perfect idea to bring together long-lost friends, reunite with people, and remember all the good times and fun shared at school. People who plan them, often have the most tedious task of locating people who have traveled far and wide.
Bringing together all the classmates at one location, on the same day, is no easy task. Besides, they have to be planned in a creative manner, to ensure that everybody has loads of fun. Fun games, loads of good food, and great interaction, are some of the main factors for a successful party.

Creative Ideas to Plan Class Reunions

Plan the theme of the party

Classmates can have a fun time planning and dressing up for the party. It can be a disco theme or even a beach party theme. Guests can be asked to dress accordingly. The decoration can also be planned likewise.
You need not splurge on the party planning. If you have a few creative friends with you, you can make homemade decorations to get the mood and the right feel for the party.

Plan some fun games and activities for the party

Once you decide the venue, mull over how to make your reunion successful. Take the help of classmates in your area, and plan accordingly.
Ask your classmates to carry a childhood pictures with them. Put them up on a board. Ask them to guess the people in the photo and write down the names on a paper. Whoever makes maximum number of right guesses, wins the game.

Arrange for good music

Music is the soul of any party. Since this is a reunion, you can play music that was popular in your days at high school. This will bring back fond memories. You can even hold a karaoke contest.

Ask each one to talk about their present job or where they are located.

This updates everyone about their classmates' lives. It ensures that they mingle with each other. Everyone talks with old friends, and renews friendship.

Plan a special gift for all the classmates who attend this function

This way, you add to all the factors that make the party memorable. A creative and popular idea is to purchase simple white T-shirts, and print a message of your choice.
You can mention the year of graduation, or have a funky message that would remind every one of the fun time they had.
Use these creative ideas to have a fun time with your dear friends. This occasion will give everyone the opportunity to cherish the beautiful memories forever.