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Creative Party Theme Ideas

Rita Putatunda Oct 30, 2018
Planning a party becomes very easy when you have decided on a theme. Given here are some creative themes that will help you make any party a huge success.
Whether it is a baby shower, birthday party, wedding anniversary, or a girl's night out, there's nothing like using a few creative theme ideas to spice up the event.
The invitations you send out, food, tableware, d├ęcor, and of course the activities, can all be based on the theme you choose for your party. Given here are themes that should make your party a great success as well as memorable.

Starring in a Video

Get that camcorder out, or fix up a tripod and mount a camera on it, and start filming. The guests can prepare in advance for it.
They can choose any role they want to play, such as a character from a favorite movie or TV serial. Or it could be an interview style kind of show, a stand-up comedy, or mimicry show. Perhaps you could actually rehearse and make a small movie.

Disco Dancing

This is an all time favorite. Set up strobe lights or fix a disco ball bang in the middle of living room and play Bee Gees, Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor and Barry White songs. Guests can don a 'Saturday Night Fever' look.

Retro Party

Put on the music and get up of the mod era or hippies' era. Go-go glasses, mini skirts, bell-bottoms, the hair-dos and make-up. Play Beatles songs or similar music of that time to dance.

Fortune Telling

Hang beaded curtains, put up posters of witches and wizards on the walls for this theme.
You can also hang tinfoil cutouts shaped like stars and moons from the ceiling, use a glow lamp to highlight the center of the room, add lots of glow effects to enhance the ambiance of the theme. And of course wear gypsy style dresses with large hoop earrings, lots of chunky necklaces and bangles.

Arabian Nights

Spread out some thick, colorful carpets on the floor, and throw some large cushions and bolster pillows on them.
Have hookahs, incense, put up large posters of camels in desert, and play middle-eastern music. Guests can wear slinky harem pants, pointed slip-on shoes, and turbans. The food can be ethnic and spread on floor as in middle-eastern culture.
Some other creative themes are: A costume party, which is always a great hit, wherein the attire can be anything, from that of the royalty and nobles of the past, dressing up as Hollywood stars or celebrities, and so on.
Or how about a Hawaiian theme with floral shirts and shorts for the men and grass skirts for the women, along with appropriate music. And then, there is the casino party theme wherein you can set up casino games like poker, roulette, and baccarat right in your home.