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Ideas to Keep Guests Entertained Throughout the Dinner Party

Dinner Party Entertainment Ideas
You'll find here some dinner party entertainment ideas to turn an ordinary get together into a fun affair, while then finishing it off with a great banquet.
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Dinner parties can tend to border on extreme boredom and be just another night to sit through with light banter, drinks, the occasional yawn, and then grub. To make the most out of dinner parties, you need to know how to step it up a notch. People flock to parties because the host/hostess knows just how to make a night memorable with something to look forward to all week.
Whatever kind of party you put together, the drinks and food are a non-issue because you'll be up-to-date on the best catering joints. It's the entertainment factor that puts you in a tight spot. The best entertainment ideas are those that combine all sorts of elements, like fun, group involvement, and madness that loosens up the crowd, and creates a night to really remember as the funnest dinner party ever.
Suggestions on What to Do for Fun at a Party
Never Have I Ever
The best parties that involve cocktails galore are those that have to get down to this game. Down and dirty that is. So here's how it goes―all questions asked in this game don't have to revolve around the naughty, filthy kind, but can be interesting, sinister, mysterious, or humorous too. There are no rules here except that you have to be completely honest. The best people to play this game with are those that you consider close, and not the kind of people who'd judge you or see the truth as uncool or out of character, or whatever else people tend to think up these days.
So here's how the game goes; you randomly pick out within the circle who wants to go first with the question round. Once that person asks the questions, those who have done what is asked take a shot each of say, tequila or whatever alcohol you have on hand to use as shots (you could make Jell-O shots in advance to take off the edge of regular shots). Those who haven't done it, don't take a shot but wait for the next question to be asked. For example, one person would go, "Never have I ever stolen from a mall before". Those who have, take a shot and those who haven't stay put. Each question begins the same way of including the phrase 'never have I ever'. End the game at 15 questions; too many shots can be pretty dicey a situation.
Glow in the Dark Paint Dancing
This should be fun to do post dinner, to burn it all off with a good, steamy, sweaty dance session. Have everyone paint themselves with glow in the dark paint, and install some black light in a spacious room where you can crank up the music and go nuts. You can waltz in the dark, bust some saucy salsa moves or just jump around like no one's watching. Have someone take a video of this crazy night and have a good laugh over it the following morning.
Pool Party Fun
Before everyone decides to come over for dinner, organize a mini pool party with appetizers and drinks out back if you have a pool, or rent out a space that has a pool area complete with lounging space and a waiter on call. Have fun cooling off in the pool, or get warm and comfortable in a Jacuzzi with friends, before heading over to your place for that big dinner spread. You can always include music, dancing and games like 'how long can you go' aka limbo using a horizontal pole to wriggle your way past during the pool party.
How Much Can You Chug?
This is a wild game where everyone can place bets on who can chug down the most alcohol, where beer is usually chosen as the chugger's drink. Get everyone involved, and place your bets on who you think has more capacity to outdo the other. Who knows, some people could make some serious cash by night's end. Award the winning chugger with a crate of beer or some well picked out bottle of wine, or much favored alcohol for putting their systems through some heavy-duty chugging.
Movie Time
A lot of people love to snuggle about and get down to some great movie watching time. You could prepare some hot popcorn with everyone's choice of drinks, with a great movie that is either an old classic or a movie that has raving reviews that none of you will fail to love by the time the credits pull in. Later everyone can then dig in for dinner, after much-anticipated talk, and exchanging of opinions after the movie's done with.
Dinner parties don't have to be something you 'have' to go to, but rather a get together you're anticipating to be a part of after a hard week of strenuous work or mind-boggling classes. Kick into relaxation mode and have yourself a night to remember, where everyone is sure to mutually agree that it was a job well done on your part to have planned such an entertaining night.
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