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How to Make a Disco Ball Cake That Looks Great and Tastes Yummy

How to Make a Disco Ball Cake
A disco ball cake is great for a disco-themed party, as it accentuates the theme and keeps the guests intrigued. However, making it calls for quite a bit of effort.
Priya Johnson
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
Disco ball birthday cakes are great for all ages; be it children, teenagers, or adults. While adults may want to relive the Saturday Night Fever era, children would love to have a barbie-disco theme.
Besides disco theme decorations like pictures of disco dancers on the wall, a rotating disco ball in the living room, music, fog machine, etc., you could also extend your theme to the cake. A disco ball cake is sure to pleasantly surprise your guests.
Disco Ball Cake Recipe
  • Sports ball cake mold
  • Cake mix
  • Fondant
  • Square cutter (smallest available)
  • Peg of vodka
  • Cornstarch
  • Fluffy paintbrush
  • Small paintbrush
  • Air brush
  • Silver luster dust
Preparation Procedure
Step 1: Baking the Cake
You can use any cake recipe you like to bake your cake. You can also use a store-bought cake mix. Just get hold of a Sports ball cake mold because it's essential for getting the shape. According to the instructions mentioned on the Sports ball cake mold, bake the cake. Once the cake has been baked, apply a coat of icing and smoothen it all around. Then pierce a dowel rod into the cake in order to provide support to it. When the icing is set, your cake is ready to be decorated.
Step 2: Cake Decorations
Using the square cutter, cut the fondant into small squares. Once you have enough squares ready (250 or more depending on the ball size), you can start pasting them onto the cake ball.
Step 3: Sticking the Fondant Squares
Using the fluffy paintbrush, dust the fondant squares with cornstarch and then paste them onto the cake ball with the help of the vodka. Just dip the small paintbrush into the vodka and apply it at the bottom of the cake ball. Now, cut a small circle from your fondant, dust it with cornstarch and paste at the tip of your disco ball with the vodka. Also stick the cornstarch dusted, fondant square on this region.
Work in a straight column and keep sticking fondant squares one above the other until you reach the midway position. Then, stop and begin another column from the bottom. Do this till the entire ball is covered in fondant till halfway up. The top half is slightly more cumbersome and requires more concentration. As you work upwards, maintaining the column line will be difficult. At several places you will have to cut off the edges to maintain the column line.
Step 4: Coloring and Finishing
Once the entire ball is covered in fondant squares, allow it to sit overnight, so that the ball sets well. The next morning take the cake and air brush it using silver luster dust. Your disco ball cake is ready for the party.
Disco Ball Cupcakes
Besides the standard disco ball cake, you can also try out disco ball cupcakes. These cupcakes are also great for disco-themed parties. Chocolate and rum disco cake balls, styled with royal icing and individual silver fondant tiles adorned by edible glitter is simply wonderful. The little cupcakes can be prepared in silver foil liners and then decorated with the same fondant squares and silver luster dust. This way each guest gets his or her own disco ball cupcake!
You could also prepare a disco ball-tiered cake or disco sheet cake for a disco theme party. The disco theme tier cake can have the disco ball at the top of the tier, with the rest two tiers covered with fondant silhouettes of bell-bottomed dancers. How interesting you make your disco ball cake depends on your creativity.