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Shoot Up the Fun Level With These Drinking Games Without Cards

Drinking Games Without Cards
Do you want to learn some of the best drinking games played without cards? In this article, we give you a list of those games that are often played at parties.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
While you may want to believe that drinking games are a modern-day invention, the fact remains that some of the first drinking games can be traced back to as far back as the fourth century BC to Ancient Greece. China too, has a long history of royals playing drinking games, which were a mainstay during parties and gatherings. Most of these games were drinking games that can be played without cards. Today though, most of the drinking games that are played during parties involve a deck of cards. So, if you are on the lookout for drinking games to be played without cards, you may have to search a bit. This articles describes some party games that do not involve cards.
Fun Drinking Games Played Without Cards
When you generally think about drinking games, you always associate them with games that involve cards, but there are many that don't need the use of cards. In this article, we give you an overview of some of these fun games.
For this game all you need are four shot glasses, two teams of equal number of people, and a quarter. The game is very simple. A team tries to bounce a quarter and land it in a shot glass. The first shot glass is first base, the second shot glass is denoted as second base, the third glass is third base, and landing the quarter in the fourth glass translates into a home run. If you land the quarter in the first shot glass, then you need to drink from all the glasses behind it. The two teams take turns landing the quarter. You need to keep track of what player is on what base. For every home run that you make, the other team downs the drinks. This is one of the best party games for adults.
Beer Checkers
One of the fun 2-player drinking games to play without the use of cards is beer checkers. Played like normal checkers, the difference lies in the fact that the checker pieces are replaced by shot glasses of two different colors. Every time one player jumps the other player's glass, the latter needs to empty the contents of the shot glass. The player who loses the game drinks the beverage left in all the shot glasses on the board.
Beer Pong
One of the most popular drinking games without either playing cards or dice is beer pong which is a popular game at most colleges and universities. The basic aim of the game is to land a ping pong ball in the arrangement of glasses on the other side of the ping pong table forcing the opposing team to down their drinks.
Roll the Die
You can divide the party into two teams and play this game which is originally one of the fun drinking games for 2 people into an interesting team game. Each team takes turns rolling the die. Once the die is rolled, the team with the highest number wins the round and picks one person from the opposite team to down the drink. The catch remains that the number of shots is equal to the difference between the number that the winning team rolled and the losing team rolled.
Watch and Gulp
If your party involves watching movies, then there are many movie drinking games that you can play. This could involve watching a particular movie where every time a particular dialog is spoken, or a scene takes place, everyone needs to gulp down their drinks. For example, if you are watching a cartoon movie, then every time an animal walks in on two legs, you gulp down your drink.
If you want drinking games without either cards or cups, then you can substitute shot glasses and cups with beer pitchers. These are just some of the many awesome and party starting fun games that do not involve cards. While playing drinking games, do remember to not push the game. While most drinking games tend to be a test of endurance, it is important that they do not risk anyone's life by causing any form of alcohol poisoning.
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