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Easy Minute to Win It Games for a Fun-filled Party With Friends

Easy Minute to Win It Games
Minute to Win It games have taken the world by storm. You too can include these games in your upcoming party and watch all the participants have a great time. Here are some easy party game ideas that go well with this theme.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
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From a favorite prime time TV show to one of the most popular home party themes ever, Minute to Win It has achieved all the fame in the world. No one thought this simple game show will rise to such popularity. Today, people plan Minute to Win It themed parties and call over their loved ones for a fun-filled get together. If you too are thinking on the same lines, and are struggling for some easy game ideas, then continue reading the following paragraphs and find some really interesting options.
Minute to Win It Party Game Ideas
There are plenty of easy games that you can try to organize for your party. You only need to chalk out the options clearly beforehand, as you need the required props for the chosen games. The following are a few really easy games that will add the element of fun to your gathering.
Beach Tennis
The participant is supposed to rally a ping-pong ball back and forth using their flippers. This needs to be done in such a way that it lands in a cooler kept across the game area.
Bridge the Gap
Deck of playing cards spread out in arc
The participant is asked to create a bridge with playing cards. This bridge needs to be about 11 inches long, and strong enough to hold a small cardboard box, such as an empty match box.
By a Thread
Needle and thread, close-up
This is one of the simple games for kids where a piece of thread is supposed to be passed through an eye of ten needles. The catch here is that each needle has an eye that is smaller than the previous one.
Double Trouble
Taking aim to shoot
This is an interesting game for adults, where the participant has to toss two balls at the same time. This needs to be done in such a way that these balls land in two separate pint glasses.
Face the Cookie
This is one of those simple games that will incite many giggles from the crowd. You need to place two Oreo cookies individually on the forehead of the participant. The challenge is to roll the cookies from the forehead to the mouth without using the help of their hands.
Gettin' Juggy With It
This game needs a lot of concentration. There are four empty five-gallon water jugs that one needs to stack. The first jug is kept normally, and over it the second jug is kept mouth to mouth. The third one is placed over the second one, base to base. Lastly, the fourth one is kept mouth to mouth with the third one. These stacked jugs need to remain standing for at least 3 seconds to win the task.
Keep it Up
Feather against blue sky
This challenge requires lung power. The participant is supposed to keep two feathers in air for 60 seconds. They need to do this by using only their breath for 60 seconds. The game is lost if the feather touches the ground or body of the participant, and also if the contestant goes off the game area.
Mega Bubble
In this game, a bubble is supposed to be blown through the mini goal post in 60 seconds.
Are Minute to Win It Games Easy to Set Up?
From the preceding games list, you must have got the idea that they are absolutely easy to set up. Most of them do not require any elaborate settings and you can use the same item for a different game. All you need to do is list out the type of games to be played and get the required props to set up a play arena. Most of these items are easily available at home, such as small plastic balls, feather, plastic cups, etc. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, plan a game party for your friends and family this weekend, and have a great time. Cheers!