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Amazing Games to Play At a Family Party

Mayuri Kulkarni Oct 6, 2018
There is never a dull or boring moment when family is around. To make family get-togethers more interesting and fun, here is a list of games that you should definitely try to play.
Specially when it's a family party, you require some games and activities that will strengthen the familial bonds. Since family reunions have guests of all ages, the games should be such that they entertain both children and adults.
Musical chairs, tug of war, treasure hunt, Pinata, etc., are some of the most popular games played at family parties.

Find Your Partner

Here, each family member will be running around finding their partner. The number of participants for this game should be even. You will require candy garlands or any other kind of garland to play this game. The number of garlands should be half the number of participants. Cut these garlands into two pieces.
Make sure you cut every garland in different lengths, and no two garlands are cut in the same manner. Shuffle these cut garland pieces and then hand over a garland piece to each participant.
Now, the participants have to find their partner, whose garland piece will form the complete garland, within a specific time period. This can be a great family Christmas game.

Form a Group

You should think of playing this game only if you have enough space outdoors. First make all the family members form a large circle. Then start playing the music and ask the participants to move clockwise in the circle. As soon as the music stops, call out a number.
The participants should form a group of that particular number. To increase the fun, state the rule that the group should contain at least one person of the opposite gender. When the groups are being formed, some participants will not be able to fit in any group. They will be out of the game.
Then play the music and continue playing the game in the same manner. In the end you will be left will three participants, so call out the number two. The pair formed in the end is the winner of the game.

Pass the Sausage

You will require sausage-shaped balloons to play this game. Divide the guests in teams, depending upon the total number of guests. Say if you have about 40 guests, then make a team of 10.
Ask the team members to stand in a line. Hand over a sausage-shaped balloon to the first person in each line. Now, this participant has to hold the balloon between his/her knees and has to pass it to the participant behind him/her. No hands are used in this game and the team members have to pass the balloon through the row with the help of their knees only!
If the balloon falls down while passing, the game restarts. Means, the balloon is handed back again to the person at the start of the line. The team which completes this balloon relay first, wins the game.
There are many such games that have the potential to shoot up the fun level at a family together. Take your pick and get ready to have some fun!