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Come and Play These Fun Games to Make it a Blockbuster Party!

Fun Games to Play at a Party
What are we going to do for Saturday night's party? Play fun games, that's what! And if it's fun games that you need, then you need to refer to the following article for some ideas.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Parties should be fun, right? But what if you are one of them who gets bored to be at any party these days because all there will be to do there is eat, talk, and perhaps, dance? Countless parties later, that is not your idea of 'fun' anymore. So what now? What excuses will you come up with to squirm your way out of this one? But before you do that, hear me out for a while, will you? Why don't you change the way the party scene works? Call the host and suggest some of the games that you can play there. You can't imagine the amount of fun that comes about when there are party games brought into the picture. Also, I'm not just suggesting, I'll give you a list of the fun games to play at a party as well.
Games for Adults
There's that extra amount of fun that ensues when games for adults come into the picture, do you know? I don't know if it's the thrill of doing something that you did as a kid but it's a whole load of fun.
Balloon Bursting
Have the group divided into two teams with equal numbers. Get them to stand across one section of the room and on the opposite side, keep a huge bag of balloons that have been blown and ready. At the blow of the whistle, one member has to run across the room, retrieve a balloon and burst it by sitting on it. Once the balloon has burst, he runs back to the team and tags the next person. The next person will then run across and burst one more... this continues till the whistle blows. The team that has managed to burst the maximum balloons, wins.
Find the Olive
For this game, a bowl has been kept on a table. The players' hands are tied together and they have to use their tongues and mouths to retrieve an olive that has been placed in, then walk across the room, and over to the finish line. The player that manages to do this first, wins. The twist is that there is a whole lot of whipped cream added to the bowl and the players have to work through this. Messy and funny.
Games for Teenagers
When it comes to teenage party games, you want something that has a little more physical activity perhaps? Or maybe not. Here are some games that are both.
Across the River
Divide the group into two teams. The team stands at one end of the room, two people from the team are nominated as carry bags. At the blow of the whistle, they have to carry a teammate on their backs across the room and over the line. Then come back and the next 'carry bag' takes a second person. This has to be done till the last teammate and both carry bags are over the line. The team that finishes first, or the team that has managed to carry the most team members across at the blow of the whistle, wins.
Puffing Away
One member from each team plays this game. A ping pong ball has been kept on a table, the player has been blindfolded after they see the position of the ball. Then they are made to back the table and walk 5 steps back, then turn back and walk to the table. They now have to puff the ball to fall over the table. But they can't see it. It's a whole lot of fun to see them struggling.
Games for Kids
Here are some games that the kids will really love. These will make them laugh, run about, and cause for a whole lot of action.
Who is It?
A tagged person stands in the center of the circle, blindfolded. The others have formed a circle around the person. At the blow of the whistle, the blindfolded person has to walk over and catch hold of a person, then ask 'who is it'. The person who has been caught has to change his/her voice and say something. If they manage to guess right, the person takes on the tag. If not the game continues.
Tag, You're It
This is a regular running game with a whole load of physical activity. All the members except the person who is a runner and the catcher, sits on their knees in a line. At the blow of the whistle, the catcher has to try to catch the runner, the runner runs around the circle and can tag any person to run for them. Once the person has been tagged, they resume the running, until the catcher catches them. Then they take over as the catcher.
Any of these party games are a guaranteed hit. So no matter what kind of a party it is and no matter what the age group, just go all out and have some fun.
Children Playing Hide and Seek
Happy kids running around while playing at tag