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10 Outstandingly Fun Games You Can Play at a Trunk Party

Fun Games to Play at a Trunk Party
Are you planning to host a trunk party and don't know what kind of games to include? Go through this PartyJoys post for some great ideas on the different types of games you can play.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Isn't That Nice?
Most things required to play these games are readily available in our homes. Therefore, planning and executing the games is neither expensive nor cumbersome.
A trunk party is like a 'going away' party where everyone gathers to celebrate the departure of the individual or student who's on his/her way to college. The guests also bring with them gifts that will help the student settle in their new life―a nice mix of college supplies and other utilitarian items. And why is it called a 'trunk party', you ask? The story behind this one is that in the days gone by, students who left for college would pack all their luggage in trunks (and only trunks). So the basic theme has stuck and become very popular these days―with parties being planned around this theme and full-blown celebrations happening.

And where there are parties, there ought to be games. Which is what this article will focus on―college trunk party games. The games listed forth are a great combination of some specific and general party games.
Trunk Party Games Ideas
Pack Sack
► Arrange for two medium-sized backpacks of the same sizes.

► On two tables, place 20-30 items each that are related to college life in some way―books, clothes, graduation caps, etc. Make sure that the same items, of the same size have been laid out.

► Also, ensure that these items are fairly large so that the difficulty level of the game is sufficiently high; don't use very small or medium-sized items.

► Next, ask the guests to form pairs so that they can take turns to play the game.

► At the blow of the whistle, one of the chosen members from each team has to come forth, pick up the backpack from the table and start stuffing it with the objects placed on the table as fast as he/she can.

► The objective is to fit in as many objects as possible in 30 seconds. Since all the items are medium-sized, it will not be as easy, and they will have to arrange and rearrange the items in the bag.

► They have to make sure to zip or close the backpack before the inspection. The items should not be jutting out.

► At the end of the 30 seconds, a whistle is blown and the items in each backpack are counted. The person who has managed to stuff in the maximum items, wins the round.

► Have all the winners compete against each other in the following rounds to announce the final winner.
What's in the Trunk?
► Make a list of 15 items that you can place in the trunk. These have to be a combination of icky, gooey, and basically some confusing stuff.

► Opt for things like a half-cut tomato or a papaya, or a gooey face mask, etc. For an interesting theme, you can use all things that have been cut in half.

► Next, write down the names of all the people at the party on separate slips of paper, draw out two names―these people will play the game.

► Blindfold the first person and lead him to the trunk, while the second participant is led out of the room.

► The first player touches and feels all the items that are placed in the trunk and tries to identify them while a referee notes them down.

► Once his designated time is over, he is led out of the room, and his partner is brought in who will go through the same process.

► Once both are done with their turns, the results will be matched, and the person who identifies the most objects correctly, wins.
Find the Trunks
► This is a fairly simple game that is a whole lot of fun and all the guests at the party can participate.

► Print multiple copies of a picture of a trunk.

► Hide these copies all around the party venue.

► As the guests enter, tell them to find as many trunk pictures as they can, through the course of the party.

► The person who has the maximum pictures at the end of the party, wins a prize.
Don't Say That
► Choose 5 forbidden words for the party like 'Trunk', 'Party', 'Cake'... any word or name that you know will be used frequently at the party.

► As the guests walk in, pin their clothes with 5 clothes pins and give them a list of these forbidden words that cannot be uttered through the course of the eve.

► If someone catches anyone using one of the forbidden words, the culprit has to hand over one of their pins to them.

► At the end of the eve, the person who has amassed the maximum number of pins, wins.

► This game tends to get very interesting because people start using several tactics to win their pins―like, making the other person use the forbidden words somehow.
Guest of Honor Trivia
► Draw up questions about the guest of honor (the person who is going away to college).

► Next, choose 3 guests who will participate in the game.

► Make them sit on chairs and hand them over some buzzers.

► Next, hold a proper quiz that has to do with trivia about the guest of honor.

► Every time someone knows the answer, they press the buzzer and answer.

► At the end of the game, they person who has answered the most right answers, wins.

► You can even have several rounds for this game.
Snack and Back
► Arrange for a large paper bag and pack it with eatables wrapped in aluminum foil. Make sure the portion size is small.

► Use anything that you can think of―sandwiches, candy, pieces of fruit, maple syrup, etc.

► Next, divide all the guests into two teams.

► This is a relay event, so at the blow of the whistle, the first person in the line from each team, runs to the other end of the room where the table with the paper bag has been kept.

► Once he/she reaches the table, he will pick up a random foil pack and eat the contents of the same before running back to the line and tagging the next person.

► The first team that manages to send all its members out, wins.
Funny Combos
► This is a relaxed, funny, after-dinner game that can bring in a whole lot of laughs.

► As the guests enter the party, ask them to write two sentences about the guest of honor―one a question, and the second an answer― on slips of paper. Now place the slips in two separate bowls marked for the same.

► Ask the guests to be as creative and funny as possible.

► Once this is done, mix all the question slips and all the answer slips and take turns pulling out one from each bowl.

► The combinations that these make are usually a laugh riot.
String Theory
► Use two bundles of string. Ensure both strings measure the same.

► Next, tie one end to an object and unwind the string around the room.

► At the blow of the whistle, the participants have to start winding the string back into the bundle.

► At the end of 30 seconds, a second whistle signals the participants to stop.

► A guest will then check how tightly the string has been wound.

► The person who manages to wind the maximum length of string, wins.

► You can increase the difficulty level of this game by tying small things to the string that the participants have to untie before looping the string.
Chopstick Challenge
► Ask the guests to form pairs and take turns in playing this game.

► Place two bowls next to each other on a table.

► One bowl will be empty, while the other will be filled with candy or any other item. Make sure that all participants have the same amount of candy in their bowls.

► Next, give them two chopsticks.

► At the blow of the whistle, the participants have to use the chopsticks to transfer the candy into the empty bowl.

► After 30 seconds to a minute are up, a second whistle is blown.

► The person who has managed to transfer the maximum number of candies, wins.
Ice Cream Head Rush
► Ask the guests to form pairs and take turns to play this game too, or if space permits, you can have batches playing the game as well.

► Arrange for bowls of ice cream and place the bowls on a table across the room.

► The players are asked to stand in a line, with their hands held firmly behind their back.

► At the blow of the whistle, the players have to run across the room and finish the ice cream without using their hands.

► You can ask some guests to check whether the participants have finished everything on their plate.

► Once they are done, they have to rush back to the starting position.

► The first person who does this, wins.

Now that you have a great mix of games that you can use at your trunk party, there will be no dearth of free-flowing fun; and what's more, the guest of honor will have some great memories of the laughter and fun that he can always cherish while he/she is away at college.