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Fun Photo Booth Prop Ideas That Will Make it Rocking

Fun Photo Booth Prop Ideas
A picture is worth a thousand words. No celebration is complete without photos. Leave the formal prim and proper posing for photos behind, and make it even more fun and exciting with photo booths! Photo booths can't be complete without fun props, and making them is so much fun. Here are some awesome photo booth prop ideas to choose from.
Apurva Neurgaonkar
Last Updated: Aug 12, 2017
It's All Good Fun
Various Themed Props
These props can be themed or just purely for the sake of fun. Fedora Hat, Top Hat, Glasses with Differently Shaped Frames, Monocle Props, Pirate Hook, Gun and Patches, Various Kinds of Mustaches, Pipe Prop, JukeBox Cutout, Inflatable Guitars and Microphones, Gangster Wanted Cutout, Movie Cutouts, Harry Potter Glasses with Scar, Triwizard Cup Cutout, Have You Seen This Wizard? Prop, Ties of the Different Houses, Disney Props, Hello Kitty Props, Talk and Thought Bubbles, Superheroes Themes Cutouts
Wedding Theme: I Do Too..
Wedding Special
Do away with the boring and repetitive poses for weddings, and go to a photo booth. Props can be Pageant Style Crown and Sash for the Couple, Facebook Status Prop, Romantic Photo Frame, Customized Umbrellas for the Couple Saying 'Mr. and Mrs.',Various Props Saying 'I Do', 'Bride', 'Groom', 'Team Bride', 'Team Groom', 'Came Here for Food', A Crown Cutout with 'Dancing Queen' Written on it, Angel and Devil Headbands, Champagne Glasses Cutouts. Make it a wedding to remember for all.
Kissing Booth: Muahhh...
Kissing Booth
Be it Valentine's Day or a fun fair, kissing booths are a must to tease crushing teens and adults alike! Sign Saying 'Do Not Disturb', Umbrella, Cupid, Sign Saying 'Kiss Me', Cardboard Cutout of a Milkshake Glass with Two Straws Sticking Out of It, Cutouts of Two Birds with 'Love' and 'Birds' Written on Different Cutouts, Cutouts of Two Flowers on Two Different Sticks, Sign Saying 'Help Me' where two people, one trying to forcefully kiss them and the other trying to escape them holding the prop.
Christmas: Ho Ho Ho...
Christmas Props
Thank God, it's Christmas! With warm eggnogs and yummy Christmas cookies, funk it up with cool Christmas-themed photo booth props while you wait for your stockings to be filled with goodies.