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Funny Truth or Dare Questions We Bet No One Ever Asked You Before

Funny Truth or Dare Questions
Truth or dare, one of the most popular games, can be arranged for kids' as well as adults' parties. The rules being simple, this game is enjoyed by all age groups, especially among teenagers and adults.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
The title of the documentary, Madonna: Truth or Dare is inspired by the popular game. Interestingly, Madonna also has a lifestyle brand by the name, Truth or Dare by Madonna.
Be it at a friend's place, at a restaurant or a picnic, truth or dare is one game that never fails to entertain. It can be played with a minimum of 2 members. It has two active members at any instance, 1 is the person who would be asked a truth (to answer a question) or to dare (to perform an act); and the other who asks. The person who is being asked to carry out the truth or dare has the next turn to ask some other person in the group. This continues throughout the game. So, read through these questions and prepare yourself for the big laugh.
Truth and Dare Ideas for Children / Teenagers
➡ Truth
┗ What is the funniest thing about you that you have never told anyone else?
┗ Have you ever tripped and fallen at a public place?
┗ If you had to dress like a cartoon character, who would it be?
┗ Name a fictitious villain / bad guy who you find attractive?
┗ What is the weirdest / funniest dream you have ever had?
┗ Has anyone among your friends and family ever seen you picking your nose?
┗ What are your most irritating / worst habits?
➡ Dare
┗ Spank the person on your right.
┗ Cross dress, visit the nearest store and buy candy.
┗ Go to the neighbor's house and ask for the wackiest thing.
┗ Mummify the person to your left with toilet paper.
┗ Ask a pet cat / dog out for a date.
┗ Introduce yourself in the tune of "Happy Birthday to you".
┗ Go outside and yell "I am a superstar" very loudly for 5 times.
┗ Come up with unique dance steps.
┗ Prank call your best friend's boyfriend / crush.
Truth and Dare for Adults
➡ Truth
┗ What, according to you, is the worst thing about being a guy / girl?
┗ What is the craziest / dumbest pickup line that you have ever used?
┗ Did you ever spread a rumor deliberately?
┗ Have you ever made a pass at someone of the same sex?
┗ Who, present in the room, will make a bad date to you?
┗ Did you ever spend a whole day without wearing your inner wear at all?
┗ Have you ever been intimate to a stranger in public place?
┗ Describe any memorable guilty pleasure act.
➡ Dare
┗ Prove that you can cry on demand.
┗ Visit the nearest shop in swimwear and buy goods.
┗ Get a makeover by a blindfolded person.
┗ Make out with a poster.
┗ Sing nursery rhymes with actions.
┗ Have a shower with all your clothes on.
┗ Give a foot / back massage to a person sitting on your left.
┗ Eat a tortilla wrap made with ingredients put in by each member of the group.
┗ Call your crush and talk seductively to her / him.
┗ Do a chicken dance while singing crazy songs.