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Games for Teenagers

Games for Teenagers

Looking for some fun activities for teenagers; something that will keep them away from trouble, something that will keep them occupied and also help in their mental development? This article provides a whole new list of games that they would love to play.
Ratnashri Dutta
In a party where the whole family is invited, teenagers are the ones who tend to get more bored as neither can they go and join the kids in the game nor can they go and join their parents in the activities meant for adults only. Hence, what the host can do is make some arrangements for some games for them, which they would enjoy playing and also which will stop them from getting bored. You can also arrange these at any teenager parties, and that sure will keep them out of mischief.

Games to Play at Parties

Teen parties without food and fun activities are boring. What we need to brighten up the party are some games that all will love playing and also that will keep them all busy. Here are some of them:

Flour Game
This is a kind of a messy activity, but it sure is fun to play. This can be a great birthday party game, too. What you have to do is on a plate, make a small flour hill, and on top of it, place either a coin or may be a very small toy. Your aim will be to slice off the part of the hill (or you can also call it a castle) without disturbing the coin. Once you have sliced off a piece, give the player next to you a chance to play. The person who lets the coin drop has to get it back, only with his/her teeth. No hands allowed. Sounds like fun and messy, doesn't it? Keep a towel handy in order to clean up the mess. Ten people can play this game.

Number Buzz
Another awesome game is number buzz. This is the one, which almost all of us had played when we were in our teens; in fact, some of us still play it now. You may have more than 10 people in this activity (the more the better), and make them sit around in a circle. Decide one particular number between 5 - 9, and then what everyone has to do is call out the numbers like 1..2..3.., but when it comes to the number, which is a multiple of the selected number or which contains that number, then you have to clap your hands and say BUZZ. For example, if the number that you have chosen is 5, then the participants go like 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. BUZZ.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. BUZZ and continue the series. At first, the game will be very confusing (especially for those who are weak with numbers), but once you get into it, it will be fun. A person who fails to say BUZZ when he is supposed to has to leave the activity.

Dodge Ball
It is certain that you must have played this game earlier. All you need for it is a ball, a large number of enthusiastic teenagers, and a great sense of humor. This is a superb idea for outdoors. The idea is to run within a given area while a person throws a ball at you, and if the ball touches you beneath your knee, then the person is disqualified. The person who survives the longest is of course the winner.

Online Games to Play

There are also several online games, which one can play alone or with friends. You will get these for free or may be, you can even pay a certain amount and download the whole thing. Some of the popular ones among teens are as under:
  • Office Lover Kiss
  • Hitman
  • Prince
  • Rome Puzzle
  • Need for Speed
  • Street Sesh
  • Rise of Atlantis
  • Super Smash Flash
  • Street Racer
  • Penguin Diner
  • Deal or no Deal
  • Swords Saga
  • Alien vs Predator
  • Apple Shooter
  • 13 Days in Hell
  • Battlefield General
  • Toy Story
  • Castle Attack
  • FIFA
Thus, these are some games and activities that you can make the most of, for entertainment. These are, indeed, fun and keep one occupied. Make them a part of any party or when you want to kill time; you will surely enjoy it a lot.