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Garden Party Attire

What Attire Should You Choose to Be Perfect at a Garden Party?

Wondering what kind of attire you should pick for a garden party that your friend is hosting? Well, consider this article a savior! Read it and you'll know which way to go.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
The very idea of holding a garden party is to keep it a casual affair. Just a get-together of people who want to have a good time and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the outdoors. And what could be more fun than a group of friends hanging out together in the midst of a beautiful garden, laughing and witnessing a glorious sunset! But what kind of attire does one wear to such a party? Is it formal, semi-formal, semi-casual, or casual? Does it depend on the person inviting you or is it your wish?
What is Garden Party Attire?
Most garden parties are held in summer or spring, for very obvious reasons. On a summer evening, it gives you a good break from the sweltering heat that you braved in the noon. And in spring, well, need I say anything at all? The vibrant colors of the flowers and their fragrant perfumes can lure anyone out into the open. Celebrating this vivid palette of colors and scents by hosting a garden party makes it even better. So, it's needless to say that the attire one wears to such parties is generally semi-casual to casual in nature. And you can experiment to your heart's content! Let's see some ideas for both women and men.
What Women can Wear
Garden Party Attire Women
The invitations will definitely be your first hint about what to wear. If the invite does not say anything, then you have to see who has invited you and decide accordingly what to wear. If it's your colleague or boss who has invited you for drinks, then going semi-formal in a bright cocktail dress is fine. If it's a friend's party, then you can be a little more free and choose a pretty summer dress in a bright or pastel shade. You can team it with a gorgeous floral scarf to perfect the look. If the invite explicitly mentions that the dress code is casual, then what better option than a pair of well-fitting jeans and a pretty spaghetti top or a dressy top with huge floral prints on it. You can also choose a light-colored, lightweight skirt, and wear a button-down blouse to match it. A simple halter dress will look good too. Just remember to keep the colors bright or light. Nothing too dark or it may seem morose. You can wear flip-flops or flat peep-toes as footwear. Avoid heels, they might sink into the soil.
What Men can Wear
Garden Party Attire Men
As mentioned above, the things that you need to look out for are the invites, the host, and also the occasion. Attire for men can be quite interesting too. Not to mention extremely comfortable. For instance, if it's a wedding party that you're attending, then you can go in for a semi-formal look with a pair of khaki trousers and a white shirt teamed with a bright tie. A jacket is optional. For a formal party, you can stick to comfortable trousers with a light-colored shirt. Go easy, and don't wear a tie. For a semi-casual party with, say, colleagues, you can wear light slacks in beige or cream with a shirt in a pastel shade like light pink or light pistachio. You can keep it casual with a pair of knee-length floral shorts with a plain button-down shirt or a floral shirt with a plain pair of shorts. If nothing else, then a pair of jeans with a plain shirt is the classic go-to attire for men. Flip flops or open sandals are the best footwear options for men at a garden party. Shoes can be worn too, but wouldn't you rather feel the grass with your bare feet once in a while?
So, are your questions about what you can wear to a garden party answered? Now all you have to do is dress up and have a whole lot of fun! Enjoy!