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Breathtaking Garden Tea Party Ideas That are Sure to Win Hearts

Garden Tea Party Ideas
By attending a tea party located in a beautiful garden, you get to eat, chat and play over a simple cup of tea and have a fun time all afternoon. Read this PartyJoys article to know more.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Originally a British concept, tea parties are well-known all over the world. From little girls to young women, every one loves the idea of leisurely spending time over tea and catching up with friends. If you have a garden at home, nothing like it, but if not, feel free to simply set up a lovely tea table and feast away in the nearest lawn. If you're the host, here are some ideas to help you with the arrangements for your very own garden tea party.
Ideas to Consider
Tea parties are generally a very personal affair, but nowadays they are simply an occasion to come together and have some fun under the sun. Making it into an occasional party such as celebrating a birthday, or a bridal shower or even a baby shower can be a great idea. But with the planning involved, you would have to make all the necessary arrangements for your party. Hence we have put together a few points which might be helpful in hosting a party.
The first thing you have to take care of is making invitations and sending them out. If you want, you decide a theme and make the invitations complementing the same. Since you will be inviting just a few close girlfriends, decide on a feminine theme. Prepare invitations in light colors like pink, lemon yellow, beige and light gold or silver. You can tie ribbons and bows to give a ladylike look and write the text in elegant handwriting. Once they're ready, take out your address book and send out these invitations to all your guests.
Food and Activities
There are a number of recipes that can be either made at home or brought by the guests to make the event more fun. Sandwiches with tea is the basic menu for every party; but you can modify this according your liking. Cupcakes with lovely decorations are just the treat for dessert and of course you can't ignore delicious butter cream cakes and pastries which are a must. Biscuits of traditional Britain are also recommended.
Since it is a garden party, you can always have some party games and acts with the guests. You can have singers, dancers, and even some music. If you're throwing a baby shower for a friend at the party, games related to it that you can organize for everyone. You can click pictures and give gifts too. If there is any other occasion that you want to throw a party for, you can have a speech given by the guests. Stand up comedy is also a great party entertainer today.
Party Favors
Just as a token of appreciation for your guests, you can have beautiful favors.
  • Since the location was a lush green lawn, a packet of seeds and gardening gloves would be a nice idea.
  • Dollar store jewelry would be quite feminine.
  • Depending on your budget, gifting a tea set is also an option.
  • Straw hats with pretty flowers.
With those unique ideas for a party, don't you feel like hosting one the next time you get together with your friends? Go ahead and have some girl fun with those shiny tea cups and elegant straw hats.
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