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Awesome Ideas for Girls' Slumber Party to Make it a Gala Affair!

Girls' Slumber Party Ideas
Slumber parties are a great way to bond and have some fun. The innocence of the night can be questioned at times. So check out these really cool ideas for a girls' slumber party.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Come 13, slumber parties take a new look. They have a new meaning and all new reasons. The games and party activities are completely at a different level.
Invitation Ideas for a Slumber Party
Some slumber parties need no invitations. They are planned at the last moment and have very few guests. But, if you are planning a night of frolic and "fu-un" then, the more the merrier. For that you will need party invitations for the guests.
  • Chits - If all your preferred invitees are in your classroom, you could pass around the invitation in the form of a chit. Make sure you write your address on it. If you are creative or poetic, you could add an appropriate sonnet as well. All in all, make sure that the invitee is intrigued enough to attend your party.
  • IM/Text - In case the plan is made in advance, you could IM (instant message) or Text all your friends. This way, they are all guaranteed to know about it. More so, if technology is free at your disposal, why not use it.
  • Hottie party - This one is my favorite, when I tried it out, I had a 100% turn out. Buy posters of the invitees favorite celebrities. Send each invitee an invitation which is written right behind the photograph of their favorite eye candy. It could also act as a great party favor, right?
Once you have all your girls invited, you need to have a good list of games ready for them. After all, if it ought to go on all night, it ought to be fun enough. So let the games begin!
  • Naughty Truth or Dare: This game can be a hoot! In fact it is great for bonding and getting to know each other, at a level beyond friendship. So, I guess, it's time to get naughty.
  • Charades: Charades is an evergreen game, one that can go on for hours. In spite of being a game of mimes, it can get fairly noisy. You could try a modification in it. Instead of miming movies, you could try miming random phrases. It could turn out to be a bit more fun.
  • Word Association: This game is fairly academic. So here, I am suggesting a modification. You need to say the name of any guy you all know and the next person has to say the first word that comes to their mind when they hear the name. Sounds like fun?
Let's face it, other than games, there are many more things that you can try out.
  • Gossiping: Slumber parties are a great way to catch up with current affairs. More so, it is very important to have updates about the latest cutie pies around, right? It could be a great way to talk about the cute guys and the weirdos!
  • Mocktail Time: You can try making mocktails together. The best part of it being that, if you mess up, no one would know. Try a Virgin Mary or a Mexican love bite. The best part of it, in the secrecy of the house, you can pretend to yourself that it is a cocktail instead!
  • Movie Spree: You could also try watching crazy chick flicks, back-to-back. Or, you could go on a horror movie spree. Bottom line, these movie sprees could keep you occupied all night long. You could try muting it and giving your own dialogs. This can be quite a laugh riot!
Slumber parties are important for any girl in her growing up phase. She learns to be responsible for her actions and enjoys at the same time.
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