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Insanely Good Dares for Truth or Dare to Up the Thrill Quotient

Good Dares for Truth or Dare
A popular game often played at birthday and slumber parties, among kids, teens, and young adults, 'Truth or Dare' is a favorite among thrill seekers. While the questions demanding a truthful answer are quite a plenty, new and interesting dares are what make this game more 'daring'.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2018
How to Play Truth or Dare?
Your turn
This game requires 4-8 people (at least), in a circle, taking turns to spin a bottle. Whoever the bottle points to, is given an option of 'Truth' or 'Dare'. If he/she picks 'Truth', the other players discuss the question to be asked, which the participant has to answer truthfully. If he/she opts for 'Dare', he/she has to perform an activity suggested by other players. The dares are usually fun, but can sometimes turn out to be quite embarrassing.
Good Dares for Women
Ice cubes
~ Drink a glass of wine in 10 seconds.
~ Lick a bar of soap.
~ Do a plank for 30 seconds.
~ Stuff four ice cubes in the mouth for a minute.
~ Brush the teeth of the person sitting next to you.
~ Sit in the lap of the opposite sex for 5 minutes.
~ Exchange a clothing item with the opposite person.
~ Lick the floor.
~ Blow in someone's ear.
~ Shave the legs of a guy sitting next to you.
~ Call up your crush on the phone, and declare your love.
~ Give a hickey to a male friend.
~ Peel a potato with your teeth.
~ Do a head stand for a minute.
~ Talk continuously for 3 minutes.
~ Make an obscene phone call to the next door neighbor.
~ Have someone wrap a duct tape around the neck.
~ Put toothpaste on the eyebrows, and sit for an hour.
~ Wet your hair and apply shampoo, but don't rinse it off. Sit with the foam for at least an hour.
~ Eat toilet paper.
~ Remove the socks of a person sitting next to you with your teeth.
~ Ask your neighbor for an umbrella with peanut butter applied on one side of the face, and jam on the other.
~ Collect leftovers from the nearest dustbin, and eat them.
~ Eat a raw egg.
~ Give someone a bad haircut, and makeover.
Good Dares for Men
~ Lick the toilet seat.
~ Kiss the most beautiful girl for two minutes.
~ Moonwalk across the room.
~ Try to sit on a dog, and make it ride you the entire house.
~ Lick the foot of the person sitting next to you.
~ Talk like Michael Jackson.
~ Go out and drive your car in reverse gear for at least 25 yards, without stopping.
~ Receive a wedgie from the person on your right.
~ Sit for the next half hour in just your underwear and a sock.
~ Massage your hair with vegetable oil, instead of regular hair oil.
~ Do 40 push ups in a minute.
~ Have a bath with your clothes, socks and shoes on.
~ Snort a line of sugar.
~ Jump rope 500 times.
~ Put 2 ice cubes in your underwear for 5 minutes.
~ Go down the store, and get a Pepsi wearing only dark shades and boxers.
~ Put on a lipstick, and walk in the street for almost 10 minutes.
~ Do the "I am a Teapot" song with all the actions, and post it on Facebook or YouTube.
~ Do the cartwheel in your underwear.
~ Go to a total stranger, and ask for her number.
~ Pick your nose and show the results.
~ Crush an ice cube with your teeth.
~ Apply petroleum jelly on a slice of bread, and eat it.
~ Go out on the road, and say 'I LOVE YOU' to the first person you see.
Good Facebook Dares
~ Poke your arch-nemesis.
~ Post a picture of your favorite underpants.
~ Change your relationship status to 'Married'.
~ Put the most embarrassing photo as your display picture.
~ Post a Facebook status that contains 7000 characters.
~ Set the profile visibility to 'Everyone'.
~ Not to post anything on Facebook for a month. (This dare is only fun when given to a Facebook addict.)
Playing truth or dare is always risky, as things often go out of hand. Hence, it is recommended that this game should be played with people who are sporty enough to handle such jokes. This game is certainly not for people who aren't risk takers, and get conscious before crowds.
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