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Charming Graduation Centerpiece Ideas

Amruta Gaikwad Oct 23, 2018
Your commencement day has arrived, and there is lot of excitement for tonight's party. It's time to decorate the party hall, and arranging for some exciting themes. Here you can explore some interesting centerpiece ideas for your graduation party.
Commencement is an important day, that holds a special place in every child's heart. All the students are going to come together for that one last time to gather some more sweet memories, and cherish them in future. A great way of celebrating is to organize a party, and enjoy with all your friends.
Now is the time to let yourself free, pick those best dresses and shoes, and live the night that you have waited for so long. After all, everyone deserves a party to charge up, and be set for the future.
To make your commencement exciting, use some graduation party ideas and themes. Make sure you decorate the venue aptly. Centerpieces, for decoration purpose, are gaining popularity, as they are visually appealing and look captivating during such special occasions.
Although making them requires a lot of imagination and creativity, it is no doubt a fun activity for all students, as they are eager to put in their best efforts. Refer to some of the options given here, and create a cheerful ambiance for all graduates.


Balloons act as good decoration pieces. Purchase some transparent or light-colored, plain ones to decorate the party hall. While blowing these, you can either put in pictures of graduate students, or fill them up with some chocolates.
As they come in various colors, arrange them in any combination you want. To add to the attractiveness, tie the balloons with fancy ribbons.


Almost everybody loves munching on candies. Lollipops, being a favorite among many, can be used, as they come in various flavors and types. Wrap them in beautiful wrapping papers, and make tiny bows out of ribbons to place them on the lollipop sticks.
Decorate a bunch in this way, and place it at the center of the table. With a wide range of candies available, you can choose your favorite candy to make an adorable centerpiece.


If you are planning to throw a good party, but don't have much time for decorations, flowers save you from a lot of trouble. They are always a good option for centerpieces, as they are attractive, and have a lovely fragrance.
All you can do is, make or purchase tiny flower vases, which are apt to hold bouquets. Select some bright-colored flowers; you can use various colored varieties of tulips and roses. Mix and match these, and ready the party hall with vibrant colors of nature.


You can use many decorative candles to light up the party. These come in different shapes, sizes, scents, and prints. If you don't find the desired print, use colored or glittering wrapping papers to cover the candles.
Some candles come with fancy candle stands. These lend a whole new look to the party, and elegantly lighten up the venue.

Picture Frames

This is one of the best centerpiece ideas for a graduation party. Collect pictures of your friends from their first year of school until the commencement day.
Purchase little picture frames, and add these photographs of in each frame. You can also make a bouquet of all pictures, with the commencement picture at the center, and decorate it beautifully.

Cascade Centerpiece

You can make these at home, or purchase them from a store to save time. While making one at home, you can add a personal touch to it by putting up photographs of graduates. You may even ask the shopkeeper to make customized cascades for the party.
The graduation day is very special, and you can add up to the uniqueness by using some of these decorating ideas. Centerpieces will make your after-party thrilling and exciting, adding some nostalgia to it. Plan some interesting games to step up the mood, and use different themes to instill some amusement to turn the event into an unforgettable memory.