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Heart-touching Wordings for Your Housewarming Party Invitation

Housewarming Party Invitation Wording
A housewarming party is one of the best ways to meet old friends and new neighbors and welcome them to your new home. This PartyJoys article gives you some unique invitation wording ideas for the same.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Feb 2, 2018
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Shifting to a new home is one of the most exciting events our lives, and with good reason! Obviously, most of us are eager to share the joy of moving to our dream house and so, a housewarming party is the best way to do that.

Not only is it a cool and subtle way of showing off your new house, but it is also a great opportunity to get introduced to your new neighbors and prospective friends.

Generally, it is the owners who host this party, but close friends or anyone else wanting to celebrate the occasion can do it too. Invitations are the first step of organizing any party, as we all know.

Housewarming party invitations are different from the other kinds of invitations, since you cannot just mention the venue and get done with it. It is important to mention the entire postal address for those who don't know where exactly your new place is. Since the tone of this invite can be informal and personal, you have a chance to go wild with your creativity!

Invitation Wording Examples

We've pulled up stakes
and hit the road;
We've moved into
a new abode.
Join us in celebrating
on (date), (time) at (postal address).

RSVP Details.
The remodeling is done, the welcome mat is out -
It's time to throw a party
To thank you for helping us out!
Please be our guests
At an appreciation dinner
At our house on (date) (time) at (postal address).

RSVP Details.

Boxes unpacked in our new home with good cheer,
All moved in, so happy to be here!
Please join us to celebrate our new place
on (date) (time) at (postal address).

RSVP Details.
Our flock has finally moved
To our new nest!
Here's where to find us:
on (date) (time) at (postal address)

RSVP Details.

It's a housewarming party
You're invited to share an evening with us in our new home
On (date) (time) at (postal address)

RSVP Details.
We went out on a limb and . . .
Now we're homeowners!
Join us for a housewarming wing-ding
on (date) (time) at (postal address)

RSVP Details.

We've found what makes a house a home,
These ingredients are key.
Lots of love, plenty of laughter,
and the presence of friends and family!
Stop by our new house
for a grand housewarming party
on (date) (time) at (postal address)

RSVP Details.
We've packed up boxes, lamps, and chairs . . .
Our home is somewhere new.
We couldn't leave and settle in without telling you!
We're finally moved and boy - it was rough!
We never knew we had so much stuff
Join us for a housewarming party
on (date) (time) at (postal address)

RSVP Details.

The boxes are gone,
we've cleaned up the mess...
We'd like to give you our new address
Where you have to be present
on (date) for the housewarming party
At (time)
Clothes aren't hung, books aren't stacked,
The dog's bowls aren't unpacked!
Counting up the plates, never seen so many crates!
But that's OK if it's a mess...
We love it here at our new address
Do come to see our new house
on (date) (time) at (postal address)

What do we need at our new place?
A party, and your smiling face!
Please join us for our housewarming party
on (date) (time) at (postal address)

RSVP Details.

You can choose any one of the examples given above, or you can combine two examples that you like and make something yourself! Good luck!
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