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How to Play the Mario Party Drinking Game

How to Play the Mario Party Drinking Game

Mario? Yes! This is the same Mario you're thinking about. Stout, fat, wearing a red hat; jumping over bricks while he uses his tricks. How about Mario in a drinking game? Sounds fun? PartyJoys posts the instructions to play the Mario Party drinking game. Take a peek!
Vibhav Gaonkar
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Play on a Wii
The game is best enjoyed on a Nintendo Wii console due to its interactive interface, and enhanced remote capabilities.

Got a booze party? This is a game that's gonna' be a real entertainer. You would surely be aware about Mario Party, but in case you aren't; it's a multiplayer, party video game in the Mario series wherein players assume roles of Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Toad, Wario and Waluigi. The game features two modes; the party game mode, and the mini games mode. The former is ideal for multiple players and is set in a typical board game style where players use die blocks, and move their respective players accordingly.
But, how can this turn to a drinking game? Let's see how. To play this game, you'll require a couple of friends, a crate of beer, a Nintendo Wii console with four remotes and nunchuks (can be also played with Nintendo's N64 or GameCube for older versions), and lastly a copy of Mario Party 8 or further.
Quickly refer to the Mario Party drinking game rules and begin playing.
How to Play the Mario Party Drinking Game
Each player sits with a can of beer and their respective remotes. The players who end up meeting any of the conditions given below drink. Here goes!
(Note: A sip is nothing less than a mouthful.)
On each turn, the player who rolls the lowest takes a sip.

If a player earns a star, the other players take a sip.

If a player wins a minigame, he/she can ask any player to take 2 sips.

In a 2 on 2 minigame, the losing team takes 2 sips each.

In a 1 on 3 minigame, if 3 lose, each takes a sip. If 1 loses, he/she takes 3 sips.

In a battle, the player at 4th place takes 3 sips, the one at 3rd place takes 2, and the player who comes 2nd takes 1 sip.

If a player lands on the Bowser space, he/she has to take 2 sips of beer.

If a player lands on the Donkey Kong space, he/she can ask any player to take 3 sips.

If a player lands on a spot already occupied by another player, all players on that spot take two sips.

Each time a player passes start, he/she takes a sip.

If a player gets a bonus mushroom, he/she chooses a player to take a sip.

If a player gets a poisoned mushroom, he/she takes a sip.

The winner of the game is the player to collect the maximum number of stars. Once a player is declared the winner, all the remaining players gulp all of their remaining beer.

The above rules are completely flexible. In case you feel you need to change a rule or devise a new one, go ahead and do so. However, just make sure that the game is fun and entertaining.