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How to Play Minute to Win It at Home

How to Play Minute to Win It at Home

If you really think you are good at taking up and solving challenges within a minute, here's your chance. You can play minute to win it at home and perfect your skills, before you register for the famous game show.
Mukta Gaikwad
The prime time television show, Minute to Win It has fans all over the world. It is the apparent simplicity of the games, that has made it so popular. The game show uses household materials and objects to plan challenges for the contestants. This makes it easy to replicate the game show at home.

To come up with birthday party games or random party games year after year is a headache. Thankfully, with a list of these one minute challenges, you can rest this year and have a fun filled party for hours on end. These easy games keep the participants interested and engaged in the activity. All you need, is to assemble a few props and get the party started with these games to play at home.

Minute to Win it Games to Play at Home

Bit Dicey
A little effort makes it worth a watch and keeps the cheers roaring. To plan this game, you will need six dice and one Popsicle stick. The contestant has to mount each dice one on top of the other on the Popsicle stick, and hold it in the mouth. To make it a tad easier, shorten the length of the stick.

The reason why these games are exciting is because they make you do regular and mundane activities differently. Bobblehead is a game that comes in variations. In the first one, the contestant has to walk at least 100-125 steps in 60 seconds. To check the accuracy use a pedometer. The second variation of this game is where two participants collectively get 200 steps in 60 seconds. Minute to win it challenges help you think creatively too.

Breakfast Scramble
Cut out 20 squares from the breakfast cereal boxes, jumble them up et voila, your puzzle is ready. The challenge is to solve this jigsaw within 5 minutes. Can you do it?

Bucket Head
This challenge is something we've all done as children. The contestant has to bounce 5 ping pong balls into a bucket. Sounds easy? But the ball first has to bounce on the floor, then a wall before it makes its entry in the bucket. These ideas may be easy to look at, but they are definitely difficult to do.

By a Thread
There's a time to rend and a time to sew. This is your time to sew, but let's begin with putting a thread through a needle. The contest must put a thread through the eye of the needle with just one hand. The subsequent needles get shorter and shorter, which obviously makes the eye smaller too!

Can It Up!
Before trashing those empty soda cans, play this game. The contestant has to stack 15 empty soda cans and four paper plates in an inverse pyramid. The stack must hold itself for three seconds. If the stack falls, the contestant must re-stack it. The player get three chances since it is a first level game.

Plan this game party at home to put all the junk to a constructive use. These games are sure way of having fun with your family and friends on a mundane weekend. Though these games use simple items, they do challenge your abilities to the best. They can make the toughest challenges, which is why the actual game show gives away a prize money of $1,000,000. There is not much to wonder about how to play minute to win it at home, because it just takes a line to explain a game. Ironically, lesser the instructions tougher the game gets!