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How to Play Minute to Win it Games

How to Play Minute to Win it Games

Have you watched Minute to Win it and wondered how to play the game? In this article, we tell you how to play this game at home and at parties.
Tulika Nair
Who hasn't watched Minute to Win It? Only the latest game show on television to take the world by storm, it is a reality game show hosted by Guy Fieri and broadcast on NBC. The show that premiered on the 14th of March 2010, has been awarded the Best Studio Based Game Show format at the MIPCOM Television Festival in France. There have been board game, card game, Wii game, and DS game versions of Minute to Win it that have been released. The popularity of the game can be to a large extent be credited to the simplicity of the game and the basic premise of the same. All the contestants need to do is finish the challenges put in front of them in a minute. Finishing the task allows them to advance to the next level and win cash awards. The difficulty of the tasks set are increased with each level. Every contestant is given three lives to save them from elimination and if he uses up all three lives, and is unable to finish all the tasks, he is eliminated from the show.

From being a TV game show, today these challenges have become extremely popular at parties. Playing the game is extremely simple. If you are playing it at home, you can make up your own rules, according to the ideas that you are using.

Playing Minute to Win It

On the game show, at every level the contestant playing the game is presented with a blueprint for the game and is expected to successfully finish the task in 60 seconds or one minute to move on to the next level. After the first level, the contestant wins USD 1,000 and after winning each level, the prize money increases. At the first, fifth, and eighth level, if the contestant finishes the tasks at hand, the prize money that is won is guaranteed. If in the minute assigned, the contestant is unable to finish the task at hand or any of the conditions are not fulfilled, the contestant loses a life. Each contestant is given three lives and using up of all three lives and then not fulfilling a task can lead to elimination. The contestant then goes back home with the money he won at the last guaranteed level.

If a contestant elects to see the blueprint of a game, then he cannot leave the game till the task is completed or he has used up all three lives. But a contestant can opt to leave the game with the money that he has won before seeing the blueprint for the next level. At no point of time can the contestant be privy to the list of games. Of course, every game that is played has its own set of individual rules.

It can be a brilliant party game and you can follow the rules of the game as prescribed by the show. You can of course, change the prizes that you keep at each level. You can also have multiple players playing the same level and have eliminations according to who does the task first. There are many game ideas that you can use to organize the game for the party that you throw.

You can pick these from the official website of the show, or come up with your own simple ideas that can be played in less than a minute. Before you give out the games to participants and guests, try to play them yourself to gauge the difficulty level of the game. Since most of the games use props that are extremely low cost, organizing it for parties is not very difficult.

Playing Minute to Win It is the perfect icebreaker for any party and it is sure to imbue your party with laughter and little bit of craziness.