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How to Play Quarters Drinking Game

How to Play Quarters Drinking Game

The party is on, the alcohol is running, and you are looking for something fun to do! Popular amongst college students and young adults across the world, this game is sure to uplift your already pumped-up evening. We bring you the rules of the highly popular Quarters Drinking game.
Rashmi Sunder
Many Names, One Game!
The Quarters drinking game is known as 'Monedita' in South America, 'Coinage' in South Africa, and 'The Game' in London and Ontario (where the quarter is replaced by ping-pong balls).
If you were ever at a college party, hanging out at a friend's place, and have some good rounds of alcohol flowing, then this game is the perfect accompaniment. And the best part is, it barely requires much effort on your part. What it does require, however, is some skills! The Quarters drinking game brings you the best of both worlds - entertainment and intoxication. All it needs is some alcohol, a bunch of friends and a couple of quarters that are lying around. Played for decades, this game is a perfect party topper!

So we bring you the tips on how to play quarters with beer, or any other substitute, and a couple of different variations of the game.
What You'll Need
2 Quarters (more if you have a large group)
3+ People
Alcohol of your choice
The Idea
The whole idea behind the game is to bounce the quarter into a cup - filled or unfilled. The player who is aiming the quarter is known as the "shooter". You make the shot, the game carries on, and someone drinks their 'drank'. If you miss, it carries on. The point is, everyone has to be decently drunk by the end of it! (You think we're kidding?).
In the standard version of the game, one cup filled with beer is placed in the middle of the table (or other hard surface). Two players on opposite ends are each given a glass and a quarter. The objective, as we mentioned, is to land the quarter in the glass, by bouncing it on its face, on the table. Each player shoots, till he gets his quarter in, then passes the glass to the player on his left, once the shot is successful.

If this second player already has a glass, he is tapped by the player who had made his shot and the second player has to drink the beer in the middle of the table and then refill it.

This player then attempts to land the quarter in the glass, as play continues around the table.

If a player makes his shot, he can choose to pass the glass onto any other player around the table. If he misses, it still passes on to the left.

Alternately, if a player is feeling adventurous after missing his shot, he can take what is called a "chance" and make a second attempt. If he is successful, then the game resumes as before, if he misses, he is penalized and has to drink the beer in the middle.
Another move, known as the "kill" is attempted in the event that the "chance" resulted in a failed attempt. In this move, he gets a third try, and failure to still make the quarter into the glass results in a penalty where the player must drink the cup full of beer/bottle, bottoms-up.

If a player hits the rim of the glass, he gets a free second attempt. This can also be turned into a "challenge". In this mode, the player who hits the rim may be challenged by any number of players around the table. If his next attempt is successful, the challengers have to all down their drink. If he misses, he drinks one glass each for each of the challengers. The player may also choose to avoid the "challenge" and game resumes as usual.

In yet another version, if a player makes three successive shots in a row, he can make up some fun rules that the rest of the bunch had to follow. This could involve the omission of certain words, or phrases or certain actions, and failure to do so, would result in a penalty drink.

Quarters is very versatile and you can play it any numbers of ways. In this mode, just one glass filled with alcohol is kept in the middle of the table. A player takes his shot, and if he makes it, he can nominate any other player to drink that cup, and then catch the quarter in their teeth. If he misses, game carries on as usual.

Just when you thought that this would be it, we hit you with - you guessed it! Another version! Here you have one cup placed in the center called the "community cup" and each of the players' glasses surrounding it. The players' cups have their respective drinks in it, while the community cup has a mix of a small portion of every player's drink. If the quarter lands in the player's own cup, they must drink their shot, refill the cup and place it back. If the coin lands in the community cup, then every player must drink his drink. The last one to finish must also drink down the "community cup". A miss can be reattempted or passed on to the left as usual.
We promise you, this really is the last version! Called "Speed Quarters" this mode involves a big group, with a beer for each, and two shot glasses. And yes, a few quarters to go with it. Two players each pick a glass and a quarter and begin the game as always. The idea is to make your shot as quickly as possible. If you miss, you keep attempting till you make it. Once you do, you pass the glass onto your left. If you get it in on the first attempt though, you could pass it on to any player at the table, barring the one who is still attempting his/her shot.

At some point, one player may end up with both glasses, which is when the second glass is stacked upside down with the first glass placed on top. He then gets 2 chances to shoot the quarter into the top glass. Make in on the first try, and you pass the stack to any other player who again gets two chances. If you get it on the second aim, then the glasses are unstacked again, with each glass being passed to one player on the left and one on the right. Game resumes as usual.
You can play any version with any number of players (provided you have more than 3 minimum). You could also mix and match a couple of variations and choose something that would suit you the best. The type of alcohol you choose to drink is solely up to you and your mates, and of course the drinking capacity you each have!

Make sure you decide beforehand the quantity that each person has to drink during a penalty, making sure that you don't go overboard. Because while drinking games can be fun, they can also quickly turn ugly. And the whole idea is to have fun, and not a mess on your hands! So have fun, and drink responsibly!