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Who Needs a Date? Know How to Throw an Anti-Valentine's Day Party

How to Throw the Best Anti-Valentine's Day Party
The valentine-shmalentines of the world can swiftly move aside, for the singles have had enough of their OTT red-hearted celebrations. Want to go to a real party? Then plan an awesome Singles' Awareness Day bash using these stellar tips.
Renuka Savant
Just remember that being alone on Valentine's Day is no different from any other day in your life. As ironic as that is, you've got to accept that every yin needs a yang―just like the insanely cloying Valentine's Day needs to be bitchslapped into oblivion. Not that being single is any less rewarding―it's not as if we're ruing over it in the least. But you've got to admit―the whole hoopla that comes with Valentine's Day, all the pressure of making it absolutely, divinely perfect can dampen the spirits of the most lovestruck people there are.
Which is why this day, and this very day needs to be singled out by those happily-single souls who don't have to hunt for perfect presents, buy ridiculously expensive roses, or be forced to wear red (knowing that it doesn't suit them). It's called "Anti-Valentine's Day", for those who came in late, and it's a day to celebrate with all those you love―friends, family, neighbors, roomies, dogs, cats―the more, the merrier. Here's how you go about spreading some anti-love.
Anti-Valentine's Day Party Invitations
Cat invite
Poker invitation
Well, one ought to make their intentions clear while hosting an Anti-Valentine's party―you wouldn't want those afflicted with the love bug to come and infect your gathering. Make sure your invites are full of sass; remember, we're 'NOT' protesting Valentine's here, but simply altering it.
Anti-Valentine's Day Party Themes
It's a celebration of singlehood, which means that you're not restricted to a single theme as such. Feel free to make your party as formal as a sit-down dinner for friends, or as informal as a potluck brunch. Gathering around a bonfire in the woods or on the beach is perfect too, considering the weather in mid-February. You can even make it a pet-themed party where you can include your furry and feathered mates; after all, true and unconditional love is best sourced from these lovable furballs.
Ah, here's a perfectly acceptable way to channel your inner frustration about all the shallowness that is an inseparable part of V-day. Express your thoughts on banners and streamers which can be used to decorate your party. In case you have friends who wish to voice their opinion on the same, make it an activity of sorts and let the negativity flow right out, and on to the banners!
Anti-Valentine's Day Party Food
Whilst all those on a romantic date will be meticulously planning their dinner―no garlic, no onions, no spaghetti, no giant burgers, no cheesy pizzas, no tequila, no fun―you'll realize that there certainly aren't any restrictions on an Anti-Valentine's party menu. So, make the most of it by serving the most delightfully decadent options―sizzling shrimp cocktails seasoned with garlic, triple layered burgers dripping cheese and animal style fries, and not to forget, the heavenly glorious pizza. Also, tequila shots. And in case you're extra happy, just go ahead and pop the bubbly. Lest you forget desserts, here's a suggestion that can make 'em fun. Order the typically-Valentine themed cupcakes, and leave a bag of icing on the table for your guests to decorate them with nasty messages.
Anti-Valentine's Day Party Fun and Games
Playing games
If you're into poker, or card games in general, style a fabulous Vegas-themed card party. Then, play for money, or play for fun as a game of poker always manages to liven up any party. You can also organize a photo booth lined with goofy props to let your guests click some wacky pictures of the memorable night to be. For those nursing a recent heartbreak, set up a dartboard with the offender's picture and launch an all out attack. Alternatively, you can also have a piñata game without blind folds―so that the hitter knows who s/he's mauling. Nothing can be more cathartic.
Anti-Valentine's Day Party Souvenirs
A momentous occasion such as Single Awareness Day ought to be immortalized. Why not throw in some cheeky, yet accurately true mementos as the proverbial cherry on top? We suggest some hilariously captioned T-shirts―you can go really wild with these, or even let your creativity flow on shot glasses. Believe me, it's craziness like this which will make you smile when you look back on the days gone by.