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Check These Cool Icebreaker Games to Jazz Up Your Party

Icebreaker Games
Need some icebreaker games for an event that is coming up? Continue reading for ideas on the very same.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
You've been invited to a party and you really don't feel like going. You don't know anyone there and no one knows you either. Then how are you to interact and get along? How is that even going to be made possible? Perfect solution? Icebreaker games! And not just for parties, but for all occasions. That's the beauty of these games, you see. They aren't just used for 'fun' but have also become an activity for promoting effective workplace communication, thus helping in improving efficiency. Of course, there is the more traditional way of looking at these games―like for parties and social gatherings. Continue reading for a comprehensive look at the different kinds of icebreaker activities.
Games for Parties
You go to a party and you don't really know anyone. Strained conversation and polite forced smiles are drawn and you start counting the seconds as they go by and wishing you'd spent the evening in your pjs watching a re-run of F.R.I.E.N.D.S instead. All this would not be necessary if the host had simply used some icebreaker party games. If you're looking to throw a party then here is an interesting party game to look into.
Join the Piece:
Simple and fun. Write down two lines of popular songs and then tear the page so that the song lines are divided into two pieces. Now, place all the pieces in a bowl and ask each guest to pick a chit. Each guest has to find the joining line and stick it together with tape. The first one to do that wins. This game can also be played with pictures.
Games for the Professional World
It need not always be professional meetings and heavy boots. It's time to know your colleagues better with these office games.
Who's Thy Neighbor:
Have all the people sit in a circle and then take turns to state their full name and a quirky habit that they have. After that is done, let a person take a tag and come into the center. He has to point at any person who then proceeds to give the gathered information about the person on the right. If he can't, he is tagged and he comes into the center to continue with this fun game.
Games for Kids
Getting kids to know the other is not difficult, but icebreaker games really help as well. Here is an interesting game that all kids will love.
Missing Link:
When you send out an invite to the guests, ask them to do something that is only half complete. Like wearing only one sock, wearing only one earring, setting only a side of the hair, etc. The objective is to find as many people who have these incomplete things and make a note of the same. The person with the maximum number of listings wins.
Games for Youth and Adults
It could be at a picnic, a social gathering of any kind or even a small event. Icebreaker activities is always a great way to break the ice. Here are a few games that you can use to get to know the people well.
Listing Things:
Before the event has begun, ask each person to tell you something unique that they've done, like maybe climbed mount Everest. Make chits of all these and put them in a bowl. Ask each guest to pick a chit. The objective of this activity is to find the person who has done that feat. Do not stop till everyone has got the person on their list.
So there you go, a comprehensive list of some of the best icebreaker games for all age groups. Let not a meeting, party or a picnic ever scare you again. And most importantly, have fun with these games.