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Fun Ideas for Pool Parties to Make All Full of the Joys of Spring

Ideas for Pool Parties
If you are planning to host a pool party, here are some ideas that will help you organize one. It's all about having fun with the water. Dive in.
Manali Oak
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Thinking of throwing a pool party this weekend? Then start planning for it now. A well-organized pool party is sure to be great fun for you and your guests. Organize some exciting water games, plan some fun poolside activities, have some good music playing in the background, serve good food, and let the guests enjoy.
The first thing in planning a party is to decide who all you wish to invite. Make a list of guests and send them invites. Make invitation cards that suit the party theme. You could cut them in shapes of water toys or water gear if you want to be a little creative.
Let's go to the decorations now. Balloons are the best choices for pool party decorations. Decorate the fencing, the trees, and the sides of the swimming pool with balloons. Let some balloons into water. As a variant to the usual air-filled ones, you could fill some with a little water and then with air. This will make them float. If you have kids coming over, have some toys float on water; that will be fun. Use sponge capsules that expand to take shapes of water creatures. Decorate the surroundings of the pool using streamers, balloons, beach balls, and festoons to add to the look.
Now for the games. Organize a mini water polo or play pass-the-parcel in water. Let the kids play with the balloons and toys floating in water. Or you could divide the group into two teams and ask each team to grab as many floating objects as possible from the pool. The team that manages to collect the maximum number of objects, wins. Or place ice cubes in the pool water and ask each participant to pick as many cubes as possible and place them in a basket kept outside the pool. To add to the fun, you could devise rules like picking the floating objects without the use of hands or holding the ice cubes in the mouth.
How can we forget the food! For a pool party, serve something hot. Steaming hot soup followed by some sizzling starters are excellent choices for a pool party menu. Grilled sandwiches and barbecued vegetables can serve as some other good food items on the menu.
And for the music; well, beach music it is. Obviously, the choice of music can depend on your guests' choice and may vary with the party theme. Soft music will suit a setting where the guests are going to be sitting, chatting and having food by the poolside. As against this, upbeat numbers will suit a party that includes dance and fun games. Also, base your choice of music on the guests' age group.
Ask your guests to get an extra pair of clothes and other essentials. In case there are children attending the party, and if you think they may find the pool deep, arrange for some swim rings. Keep a sunscreen lotion ready. Place all the dry material, the extra clothes, towels, the music system, and the food, away from water. It's an outdoor party, and you are dealing with water. So take the necessary precautions for safety.
Pool parties can be fun if planned well and with the safety considerations in mind. Water games and good food can add to the fun. Derive from the ideas given here and have a great pool-party time.
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