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Romantic Ideas for Prom Decorations and Themes

Kashmira Lad Sep 27, 2018
Planning a prom party at school? Arranging for a beautiful setting is a must. Here are some interesting ideas for prom decorations and themes.
The prom night is a high school dance where the juniors and seniors can socialize with each other. Generally, it's the juniors who plan the decoration themes. Everything needs to be planned in advance, for the whole event to turn into an exciting affair.
Planning and discussing ideas for the dance is a great way to bring the class together as a team. Here's a compilation of some ideas which may help.


The decorations can be planned as per the theme of the prom party. Apart from that, you can even work on the general decoration ideas.
Look for elegant centerpieces to add a romantic touch to the entire event. These centerpieces can be bought from the store, or a few creative minds can come together to design the same.
Play with the lighting. The way the lights are arranged can lend a dramatic effect to the room. A soft and romantic glow is the most preferred option. Add to the romance by placing candles at the tables.
Adding a bit of green and blossoming flowers will only heighten the effect. Vines look really beautiful when draped strategically around pillars.
Scatter rose petals in a particular area, or place bouquets of beautiful flowers at strategic locations. Perhaps, mistletoe in unexpected places may even get the lovebirds together. (Although it's not Christmas!)
Fountains are also widely preferred to create the cool, breezy effect.
If you have an artist friend to help you out, a beautiful, romantic mural, or a nature-oriented backdrop will surely lend a unique touch.

Use of satin drapery can also be combined with lights to create interesting effects.


Now, you need to settle on some creative themes. This will add an element of interest to the event.
The Renaissance Era is a great concept you can work on, as it gives ample opportunity for guests to experiment with their looks. Besides that, the prom decorations can be planned accordingly.
Think you prefer something that's glitzy? Then, you can opt for a Hollywood night, or even have a famous couples theme. This will allow the youngsters to show their glamorous side.
For an informal theme, a beach atmosphere would seem idyllic.

Fairytale characters can also turn out to be an interesting option.
These ideas would give you ample opportunity to create interesting backdrops and decorations for the party! Ensure that you hire a great DJ. You can even plan some tracks as per the prom theme. The menu for the night is yet another important aspect.
Make sure you plan and include something unique so as to suit the theme. Use your creativity to the fullest, and turn the prom night into a successful do!