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Girls! Let Your Hair Down and Have a Rocking Bachelorette Party

Ideas for a Rocking Bachelorette Party
Planning a bachelorette party is difficult business. This article lists some fun ideas to help you arrange a party people will remember for years to come.
Khushnuma Irani
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Bachelorette parties are great fun. But they're difficult to plan. The bride deserves a day she'll never forget. The following are some great ideas to help you arrange the best party.
  • Party hard and bet on it - This doesn't mean you go out and place bets on who is going to throw the best bachelorette party, this means having the party at a different venue. No more restaurants, clubs, or bars, have the bash at a casino or a racing track. Go to Las Vegas if possible, and have a gala time at the casinos there. Or if Vegas is not your thing, have a Vegas-style party in your home. Set out a poker or roulette table, hire a swanky bartender, and ask everyone to dress up as if they were going to a casino.
  • Pamper some more - Pampering at a spa is a great idea for a party. This is going to be a party that won't be filled with finger foods and cocktails, but one that is filled with cleansing, steaming, and lots of massages.
  • Disco fever - Get your dancing shoes out and rock the night away at a disco-themed party. While dressing up, think Saturday Night Fever. If the bride is not up to going to a nightclub, bring the nightclub to her. Dim the lights, have large disco balls, play some foot tapping disco music, and don't forget the drinks.
  • Sing along - A great theme is a karaoke party. Bring out Gloria Gaynor, Cindy Lauper, and lots of Kamikazes.
  • A cheesy affair - A party with a fondue theme is a great way to bond with the girls. You can choose to book a table at a fondue restaurant and enjoy cheese and chocolate fondue, or you can bring the fondue home. Lots of wine, cheese, and gossip is a great way to enjoy a party.
  • Mystery and Mystics - A party with a twist could be one where all the girls can get into the mystery of tarot and fortune telling. Hire a tarot card reader, palm reader, and a fortune teller. Make it a masked party, just for fun. It will add to the aura of mystery all around.
  • High Tea - For the classic bride, why not throw a classic high tea party. Serve tea, champagne, finger sandwiches, scones, and petit fours. This party can be organized at home, or you can book a hotel tearoom.
  • Treasure Hunt - Give out maps, and hide the treasure (Gift certificates, champagne bottles, or gift hampers) in someone's backyard or garden.
  • Go Cruising - A great bachelorette party or weekend could be aboard a great cruise. If you plan in advance, you could get a great discount. If a cruise weekend can't be arranged, then a weekend to the beach or the lake is sure to bring out the best in everyone before the big day.
  • Ride it out - Hire a stretch limo and go wherever you want. The guests can be picked up at one place, and then the night is all yours. You can drink as much as you want, go to clubs, and bars and have the time of your life.
Every bride-to-be has to have fun so that she remembers the party for years together. Plan in time, so you can plan well.
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