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Entertaining Indoor Party Games for Kids

Charlie S Oct 14, 2018
Indoor party games meant for kids can bring a lot of fun and entertainment in a party and make it a rocking and memorable one. Here we suggest a few popular options which can be played in these events.
We all know that children are always very active, fun-loving, and love to play their favorite games. However, when they are with their friends, their excitement increases by several times, and they try their level best to grab the attention of everyone through their actions.
Indoor party games are meant for their complete entertainment and is the best way to bring them together. Here's a look at some games that kids can enjoy.

Quiz Game

Quiz games can be one of the best options for a children's party. However, for playing the quiz, you will need at least three children in a group, and there should be three groups of children. You should appoint a person to ask questions to the children.
When all the guests get settled, the person starts asking the questions to the three groups. After asking the question, the group which presses the buzzer first gets the chance to answer the question. The group is given a maximum of thirty seconds to answer the question.
For every right answer, ten points are given and for a wrong one or no answer, three points are deducted from the score. If the question is not answered by a team, it is passed over to the other teams. The questions asked can be from various fields such as history, geography, mathematics, science, medicine, astronomy, etc.

Musical Chairs

Musical chairs can be energizing for children and is also very different from the rest of the games. Now, first of all, let us discuss the setup that is required. You will have to arrange chairs, which are one less in number than the number of kids participating in a circle.
When the music is on, the players have to move around the chairs and accommodate any chair, the moment the music is turned off. The player who fails to sit on a chair is out of the game.
One chair is removed from the circle each time a player is out of the game. At the end, when only two players remain, the one who succeeds in occupying the single chair wins the competition.

The Singing Game

There are many children who love to sing, and this is a good platform for them to showcase their talent. Form two or three groups of players and have three children in each group.
One member from each group starts singing a song, and the member of the other team has to start a song from the letter with which the previous song ended. The group which sings maximum number of correct songs wins the contest. This game tests the knowledge of music of the children.

Search for Chocolates!

Children love chocolates and would want to get them at any cost! So, hide the chocolates, and ask the kids to find them. The child who finds the maximum number of chocolates will get a handsome gift along with the chocolates!
Though these are some fantastic indoor party games for kids, you can also think of some games of your own. As a parent, you should make all possible provisions to make this fun event a huge success.