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You'll Have a Ball With These Indoor Party Games for Teenagers

Indoor Party Games for Teenagers
Having a party for all your high school buddies and want to bring in the thrill of indoor party games? Take a few cues from this following article on some of the best indoor games for teens to play and then mad.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Aug 6, 2017
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Usually, it's the listening to music and grooving, and then setting out all those PS3 games and getting all territorial that happens at most parties that you host. And god, you've had it with that. You need a change and you need it now. Good. That's what I've been saying - Why stick to the same old, same old itinerary when you can have a whole new plan for yourself? And nothing that you haven't heard of before either. It's something that you've done throughout your childhood and that you really liked as well - playing games. Imagine turning back to your childhood and tapping into some of the best indoor party games. Sounds like fun? Then how about we spruce it up a little and give you a whole new range of games to choose from? Coming right up in the following section.
Fun Party Games
Fun is the keyword here and have fun you will. Try these games and see what awesomeness there will follow. Ready, ready?
Dark Room... This game comes with its own set of giggling and nervous tension. But it's all very good. You'll need a room that turns completely dark when the lights are off, for maximum effect. Have the group of kids arrange themselves in a row and at random, tag a person to be 'It'. 'It' has to then leave the room while the others hide under bed covers and any other clothes material that they can find. The aim is that 'It' should not be able to see who the person is. After everyone has taken their place, the lights are turned off and 'It' is asked to come into the room. He has to then find the people and identify them. The first person that he identifies correctly, takes the tag and becomes 'It' in the next game. For the fun of the game, 'It' will continue with this game till everyone has been identified. Let's see if you can stop giggling from all the nervous tension. Let's just see.
Taboo!... Have you heard of Taboo? It's one of the most intelligent games that gets people thinking. There are a pack of cards and each card has a main word written on it. This word has to be conveyed to the team. Along with this word, there are some others that cannot be used. The group is divided into two teams and the objective of the game is for each member to convey the maximum number of words to his team, without using the taboo words, in under a minute. Taboo words equal negative markings. The person can talk about anything to convey the words, but not the taboo words and there should be no signs or gestures used. At the end of the game, the team that has more points, wins. Let's just say it leads to a whole lot of fun and screaming.
Nudge-Nudge, Wink, Wink... This one's such a teen game, really. So what happens is you divide the team into pairs - could be a mixed pair or a same-sex pair if the number of boys and girls are not equal. One person takes the tag, while the others arrange themselves in pairs, with one person sitting in a chair and the other standing behind it. One chair stays empty. The game starts with the tagged person winking at a random person sitting on any chair - on getting winked at, the person has to be quick enough to go and occupy the empty chair without being tagged by his/her partner. If the partner tags him then it's a stale round and the tagged person has to find someone else to wink at. But if the person manages to get away and occupy the chair, then his partner becomes the tagged person and continues the game like this.
Blow that Balloon... Divide the group into pairs and give each group a packet of balloons and a bucket to keep the balloons in once they have been blown. At the blow of the whistle each team has to start blowing the balloons and placing them in the bucket. At the end of the minute, the buckets are collected and the team that has the maximum balloons, wins. The levels of difficulty for this game can be decided by you. For example, one person stands at one side of the room while the other blows the balloon and then runs across the room to put the balloon in the bucket. Then his partner who runs over to the other side and blows the balloon and runs back to the bucket and tags his partner. And so this continues for the decided amount of time.
And there you go, some of the most fun indoor party games for teenagers that you can have at that party and get them to have a really, like a really, really good time. Have fun!