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Amazing Ideas Guaranteed to Make Your Masquerade Party a Big Hit

Masquerade Party Ideas
Have you decided to throw a masquerade party for your birthday? Well, then you need to work on many details, right from the invitations to the food that is to be served. Read the following article that provides you with all the necessary ideas required for the same.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Earlier, the coming together of ten to fifteen friends would be regarded as a party. However now, with the changing times, its look has also changed. Besides from friends, music, dance, and pizza, these things are like a must now. When one says the word "party," it is taken for granted that these things will be there. But, besides these things, one also needs a theme today. Earlier also, such parties were held, but rarely. Now, everyone tries to inoculate a theme in it, whether it is a baby shower or retirement party. A themed party creates more excitement than the dance one, especially if the theme is something like masquerade. The fact that no one can be recognized creates a mysterious atmosphere. Following are some ideas that will help you to host such a party with ease.
Party Ideas
As the theme is unique, so should be the invitations; after all, it is the invitations that create the first ripples of excitement. You can get readymade masquerade templates for the same in the market, or you can also download one from the Internet. But, if you wish to be unique, drop the above ideas. One of the ways to come up with a unique one is to think in accordance with this theme. So, why not send an invitation in the form of a face mask itself? Buy some inexpensive big masks, cut a small compartment in them, and hide the real invitation inside. In these excitements, do not forget to add all the necessary details required. Besides these, you could also send a traditional way of inviting people: a scroll. If possible, send one of your family members or friends with the scroll; to the one who can read it out in the typical tone.
The decorations with this party theme depend on which masquerade party you are exactly hosting. There is a number of them such as Mardi Gras, Victorian, or a simple one. If you are hosting a Mardi Gras party, use the colors of that festival, which are purple, green, and gold. Let the hostess' mask be gold and purple color; try to make it as attractive as you can. The other decorations should also be in these colors. For a Victorian party, use all colors, but with a royal touch. Ask the guests to wear flowing gowns and tuxedos. As far as the decorations are concerned, use portraits and fake animal skin; this will give a mysterious look to the entire atmosphere. If you haven't yet thought of a theme, you could ask your guests to come dressed as vampires. This could be one of the best ideas. You can take help of popular vampire movies for characters. The decorations should be red and black. Make use of ultraviolet lights and black cloth draped over tables. For any of the above themes, feathers are a must. You can distribute them at the entrance itself.
Entertainment and Food
Dance is a must for this party theme as it is much more fun comparatively. In this case, you have to dance with people whose faces you cannot see. This feeling with an unknown stranger is quite exciting. As far as music is concerned, for a classic party, it should be classic waltz. Anything with a mysterious tone to it can do for a modern one. For games, the classic game of "guess who" is quite entertaining. This game can be the climax. Besides this, you can also have a mini fashion show, wherein the guests vote for the best costume and give bonus points to the most suited mask. You can serve food during the fashion show itself. Ask the waiters also to put on the masks. You can serve royal food like beef tenderloin or roasted chicken, along with jalapeno and tropical drinks or champagne. If it's a kids' party, you can have face painting activities and for food, serve the normal party foods like sandwiches and soda, but in a different form. For instance, you can put sandwiches in a fries' bag, instead of a dish and soda in a milk container, instead of glass or can.
Click a lot of photos of the invitees and give them away as party favors. This will ensure that all your guests have a jolly time together.
Roast Chicken
A gold and green masquerade mask
Calligraphy Style Masquerade Mask Invitation Purple