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Best Office Party Food Ideas

Kanika Khara Oct 8, 2018
An office party is a great way to promote a healthy and productive work culture in an organization. And as no party is complete without the delicious food and drinks, here we give you helpful ideas to plan an excellent party.
An office party can spark up dull and drab office culture and can break the ice and liven up things. Holidays, birthdays, festivals, retirements, etc., there can be many reasons to host an office party. But planning an office party can be an intimidating task and can give people sleepless nights.
Starting from the office party games for adults, office party invitation wordings, food ideas to office party activities, things can sometimes get out of control and eventually result in a boring and sulking party.
But if organized well, and things done in coordination, it can be a huge success that will be remembered by everyone in the organization. And as we say good food is the soul of any successful party, planning a delicious as well as healthy meal can keep everyone happy and satisfied.
However, for this you may have to plan things much in advance, and so here are some easy office party food ideas that will help you sail out smoothly, without much of worries.

Party Food Ideas

Coffee, salmon patties, donuts, juices, muffins, fruit trays with melon, grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and pineapples, etc., to start with, set the party mood.
Tasty appetizers like peppery poppers, breaded mozzarella sticks, egg salad on a patty shell, etc., will make the colleagues hungry for the main course.
Mocktails and cocktails are an important part of any party menu, hence make sure there are variety of options at the drinks section.
Foods that may look apt for lunch/ dinner may include chicken/tuna salads, crock pot pork barbecue, crock pot chile con queso dip, sweet potato casserole, etc.
For desserts, one can go in for chocolate pie, banana pudding, dough nuts, pies, cakes, strawberry short cake, and more.

How to Plan an Office Party

First thing to be kept in mind while organizing an office party is to create an environment that is positive and relaxed. Try to make things as comfortable as possible so that there is a feeling of openness and warmth among the employee.
Before fixing the menu, look out for some unique office party theme ideas that can give a new and exciting feel to the party. For instance, keeping a dress code or make all decorations in white and black or any other colors.
While setting the menu, consider the number of people who will be eating and what is the theme of the party. Take a poll of your fellow colleagues, unless the boss has already mandated what kind of food he wants.
If the menu is not mandated, choose the menu items according to the party theme, the time of day of the party (morning, afternoon, or evening) and likes and dislikes of your fellow office mates.
Evaluate the total budget once you've taken a head count and decided on what type of food to be ordered, but make sure you don't exceed the budget amount and stay within the budget limits.
Always remember, companies value teamwork. And hence, include your colleagues while planning the party as this will not only demonstrate team spirit on your part, but will also lessen the burden off your head. Think of this party as an incentive and enjoy building a healthy as well as friendly relationship with your colleagues.