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Here are Some Outdoor Games to Make Your Party Exhilarating

Outdoor Party Games
What's a well-planned party without any games? This write-up will give you some ideas regarding some outdoor party games that would certainly make your party exhilarating and memorable.
Ujwal Deshmukh
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Parties are great stress busters. Nothing compares to the fun of having a great time with your family and friends. Though you can sing, dance, pull-off pranks on friends, etc., if you wish to involve all the guests, playing games is certainly a great option. So, make sure that you plan some really interesting games.
Games for Kids
Kids are full of energy and excitement, which is why games meant for them should also be exciting. To keep the kids interested, make sure that you acknowledge the winner by giving him/her a prize.
Freeze Dance: Freeze dance requires no special arrangements other than some wild music! Just play the music and let all the kids dance. Suddenly, stop the music and at that moment everyone should freeze at their places in their current position. Anyone showing any movement will be out of the game. The last one to remain is the winner.
Jumping Rope Relay: You will require a couple of jump ropes for this activity. Set up two teams and mark the boundaries for the race. The first two players start jumping the ropes while moving towards the boundary and come back. Once the first player is back, the second should start. This goes on till all the players of a team have participated. The first team to finish the task, wins.
Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger hunt is certainly an exciting game. Prepare a list of items to be hunted in the garden and provide some clues. Hand over this list to each team. The team searching the highest number of items, wins.
Sports: A baseball, volleyball, or a football match could be a whole lot exciting.
Games for Adults
Musical Chair: Arrange some chairs in a row, facing left and right alternately. There should always be one person more than the total number of chairs. Play some music and let people run around the chairs. As soon as the music stops, people sit on the chairs. The person who is left standing, leaves the game and so does one chair. Finally, only one chair and two players will be left and the player who manages to sit on this last chair, wins the game.
Darts: Set up a dart board on a wall and tell each person to hit the bull's eye. The one closest to it wins the game.
How can we forget toddlers in a party? Well, there are some games for them as well. Simple games such as running contests, crawling contests, or word uttering contest are good enough for them. There are endless options, when it comes to outdoor games. You could come up with some innovative ideas of your own.