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Fun Outdoor Party Games for Kids

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2018
Children will always have you on your toes, especially when you are planning a party. To add some fun and frolic, here are some ideas for outdoor party games for kids.
While planning a party for kids, parents need to bear in mind that they have to handle bundles of energy. For the youngsters, an outdoor party proves to be an open invitation for some fun. While planning, make sure that your preparations include loads of entertaining games, keeping their age group in mind.

Some Options

Fun Water Balloons

Gather all the kids, and make them stand in pairs, at a certain distance opposite each other. Hand them the water balloons, and let them toss towards each other.
The player that catches the balloon can take a step back. Some of the children are bound to get wet. The team that reaches the furthest distance can be declared as the winner.

Big Bad Wolf

Choose one child as the 'wolf', and let him/her stand with their back turned towards the others. Let the rest of the group stand 15 feet away from the wolf. Let the group call out, "So, tell us the time Mr. Wolf!".
When the wolf yells the time, for example 7 o'clock, the group of kids need to take 7 steps closer to the wolf. This question and answer format should be repeated until the group reaches close to the wolf.
Then, it is time for the wolf to answer, "It's the right time to have dinner." He can then chase the others, till the starting line. The kid who gets caught has to play the role of the wolf.

Scavenger Hunt

This game is very popular amongst kids. Make a list of items to be hunted  in the garden. Give clues and create teams. The team that solves the most number of clues is declared the winner.

Loads of Giggles

This would prove to be a little noisy. Make the children stand in a circle. They should not move until you toss a handkerchief in the air. Once the handkerchief is in the air, the children are supposed to laugh or giggle.
The moment it touches the ground, the kids need to stop giggling! Anyone caught giggling afterwards, has to leave the circle!

Challenges Galore

Write some challenges on pieces of paper. Blow up as many balloons as you can, and insert these chits inside. Make the kids sit in a complete circle. Play some music, and ask the kids to pass one balloon. Once the music stops, pop it. The person with the balloon has to perform the challenge given. The best-enacted challenge would be given the prize!
Use these ideas, and have a fun time watching them yell with joy! Your party is bound to be a great success.